I think I’m un-slumping!

I hope I’m not speaking too soon bu I feel like my stitching slump may be coming to an end.  Sometimes the best cure is some new stash acquisition.  I went to Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch yesterday for a stitch in and I got quite a bit done on the stained windows of Block 2 of VoHRH.  Today I finished the windows and after this post I’m going to get back to it (I tried to go get my oil changed but everywhere is closed on Sundays???)

So I thought I’d share a progress picture of Block 2 and then share some pictures of my new stash!

VoHRH Block 2 Progress

There is still a lot of solid stitching but this truly is a fun piece.  I pre-ordered the chart of Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow from Tawny (the shop owner) and I got my fabric for Christmas.  I don’t have the threads yet for Christmas.  I’m waiting on those.  I still have so much to do on Village plus I have Shores fully kitted.  The fabric can be hard to get later so I figured I should jump at the chance now.  I love all the Hawk Run Hollow pieces except I’ll never stitch Houses.  It refers to your own death and I’m too super-stitious to stitch it.  Nevermind that Shores is also a little morbid but at least it’s about someone else’s death!  I’m okay with that….

It was a good stash enhancement day!  I got one piece that I fell in love with.  I have it all kitted.  It’s by Miss Crescent’s Crowne and it comes with all the Crescent Colors cottons that you need to stitch the design.  Tawny also had the frame which is SO pretty.  I got a piece of fabric that will work too.  I think when I go down to South Carolina next week to visit my Grandmother, I may bring this piece with me.  Here’s the kit:

All in a Heart Kit

And here’s a close-up of the design

Miss Crescent's Crowne All in a Heart

Isn’t it going to be pretty???

I got a few Lizzie Kate’s too.  Occasionally I like to stitch one of the pieces.  I got Be Kind to Animals, Dogs leave Paw Prints and Cat Lessons for People.  Cat Lessons for People is really cool.  It says “Be purr-snickety, Play with your food, Appreciate wildlife, Nap every day, Don’t bite when a hiss will do, Practice patience, Listen before speaking, When you make a mess bury it, Sit very close to those you love”.  I just love it.  I got the Crescent Colors I would need but otherwise I think I have the WDW already.

Lizzie Kate Charts

Then I got my regular Blackbird Designs stuff.  I’ve been collecting the monthly stocking and the fabric to stitch them on.  Not that I’ve STARTED any, but I could!  Tawny i good to me.  She cuts each piece, serges and labels it so that I know what to use.  I picked up November and December.  That should round out my collection.  I love the little stockings!

BBD Stockings November & December with fabrics

I also had to get the most recent Loose Feathers and the fabric.  I collect these.  Who doesn’t?  This one is Winter Wonderland.  I think Blackbird Designs is easily one of my favorite designers.

BBD Loose Feathers Winter Wonderland

I didn’t take a picture but I also got the most recent copy of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quartely.  They have been disappointing me lately though.  I have every issue but lately they haven’t been having as many charts in them.  But I do still collect them.

I also placed an order with Tawny for Nashville.  Some more fun goodies!

What’s funny is how outrageous my own stash is when I make it a business of de-stashing for others.  LOL….  Oh well.  I do think I’m about to do a major fabric purge though.  I’m always so busy listing for others though that I rarely list any of my own stash (although I should).  Business has been VERY good this month and as usual I have TONS more to list.  My consignors all seem very happy and my customers are happy too!  It’s a good business.  Tawny just gave me some stuff from the shop.  That’s always fun to list.  The hard part about the business is to refrain for buying myself.  Occasionally it happens but I’m usually very good.

Well off to stitch!  I got my Roku box back working again.  I probably need to work a little bit today (I worked all lat night) but I plan on doing a good deal of stitching too.


4 Responses

  1. What a lot of stash! Have fun playing with it~

  2. Well now that you have inspired me I shall carry on with my stitched – it’s a birthday present for my friend who shall remain nameless in case she reads your blog. I love all your stash you go girl!
    Patti xxx

  3. Lovely stash! I’d have a hard time deciding what to stitch next!

  4. I’m loving that BBD piece!!! Great stuff!

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