Been a few years!

So it’s been a few years since I’ve blogged….. So this won’t take long. I have to start up slow!

Stitching…. Yup I’ve been at it again! Right now I’m trying to finish the Blackbird Designs 2011 Loose Feathers Mystery…. Summer, Autumn and Winter. I’m so close!! Stitched on 30 ct R&R Irish Creme.


I’m crazy into Blackbird Designs… I also have a new start… Strawberry Fields… Stitched on 30 ct WDW Confederate Gray.


Excuse the wrinkles!!!

On the dog front my latest obsession is Barn Hunt. It’s where your dog competes in a timed event to look for a live rat in a tube hidden amongst hay bales. The rats are unharmed, don’t worry… And the dogs are not allowed to bother the rats. Judd, Joey and Why all got their Instinct titles (RATI)! And Joey is a ringer… He got his Novice title (RATN) with a High in Class!



Our next time to try Barnhunt is a clinic on January 10.


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