Catching up

Sigh…  I need to blog more often.

So much to talk about…

I’ve had a bunch of finishes in stitching!  There’s a sale going on at the framer until end of August so I’ve been stitching like a maniac.

Gilded Cage by Carriage House Samplings

Wild Berries by Blackbird Designs


Summer Arbor by The Drawn Thread


Spring Arbor by The Drawn Thread


Land That I Love by Shepherd’s Bush


A Little Liberty by Lizzie Kate


Star Spangled Sampler by A Heart in Hand


I’ve also started to get into quilting again.  It’s a bit like riding a bike.  The hardest part was figuring out how to use my machine again!  I decided to keep working on blocks for quilts already in progress.

The first step of course was to organize and create a quilting workspace.  I’m quite pleased with it although I need a sturdier chair (or a better diet..  LOL)

My Quilting Workstation


The top shelves have magazines.  The baskets all contain do-dads that I need.  The drawers have more tools…  the ones on the left are all Block of the Month quilt kits.

I DO have an old machine but you can’t beat old quality.  This is a Singer 301A.  It’s a solid workhorse.  I just ordered a Juki TL 2000QI for the actual quilting process.  If I find that I get REALLY into quilting again, I can get a Grace frame that accommodates the Juki.  It would fit great on my back wall!  But it would be an investment.

Here’s my latest quilt block…  it’s part of a Sampler Quilt made from templates that I started when I took my very first class on beginner learning how to quilt. ..  before they allowed us to use rotary cutters!  LOL.  This is a classic block and is a variation on the “Drunkard’s Path”.  I can’t believe I picked curved piecing to get back into quilting!

Quilt block for Sampler Quilt – Adaptation of the “Drunkard’s Path”


Otherwise I’ve been busy training my boys!  Judd is now officially:


Basically he has lots and lots of titles, mostly in Obedience and Rally..  but a few in Agility.

I special ordered him a ribbon holder and he’s been filling it to the MAX.  I have a generic one on order with just a Paw Print in order to put placement ribbons.  Paws In the Patch is wonderful…  they designed the Standing Field Lab logo just for me!


Judd’s Ribbons

In order to help with their training, I’ve decided to convert the basement into a training area.  I sometimes get water up through the drain so I had to come up with a solution…  the mats are on order and I should get them quickly!

I’m ordering from Great…  really good prices…  in the end I’ll have about a 20′ x 30′ training area that stays cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.  It will be great for basic agility work and for Obedience work.  Judd is starting to trial at the Utility level (highest Competition Obedience level) in CDSP and we need more room to work… and he tends to melt in the heat…  black dog in the heat = bad…..

Flooring that I'm putting into my basement.  Soft and cushy!

Flooring that I’m putting into my basement. Soft and cushy!


I sometimes get moisture in my basement so I wanted to lay something under the mats to help with drainage…

Tiles I'm laying under my agility mats in the basement to help with drainage

Tiles I’m laying under my agility mats in the basement to help with drainage

My other main thing is CAMPING…  oh…  I think I have to put that in quotes…  “camping”… LOL…  my camper is probably nicer than my house!  I’ve enjoyed it so much that Monday I’m moving the camper to a seasonal site at the Campground.  This means that I can go up basically anytime I want between March 15 and October 15 for mini getaways.  The boys LOVE it and so do I.

Here’s an example of roughing it in the woods!

Grilling from the side of the trailer


They also have a gorgeous pool…  Jackson and Leigh came up to visit last weekend..  did I mention that the campground is only a half hour away??

Jackson and Me in the pool at the campground


Jackson….. so cute!!!



2 Responses

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog! I have to catch up on mine, too… maybe this weekend! ~Susan

  2. Excellent information on your blog. We have a similar wet basement problem. Where did you get the tiles for under the agility mats.
    Thanks Liz.

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