So this weekend I was able to video the boys working outside…  today…  SNOW!

A while back, My Canon Rebel XTi broke….  dead.  doornail.  Well, I found out that Canon sells refurbished equipment at deep discounts.  I was able to get a much more recent version of the Canon Rebel with an Image Stabilizer lens for about $350!  Unbelievable!  A new camera body only is pretty close to $700 or $800.  I have several thousand dollars in lenses and haven’t been able to use them.

Well, it came yesterday!  Since I was stuck at home with a dead battery in my truck that was blocking my SUV…  I decided to play around with my camera after lunch.  Why is LOVING the snow!  He’s such a playful boy anyway.

Running for Joy!

He thinks there is something small and furry hiding under the leaves in the flower bed… hunting…

On the hunt…

My future agility dog! Speed Demon!

Still Hunting!

Killing a (toy) skunk. Shake it up boy!

That’s a hard (toy) skunk to kill!

Ahhh… Victory!

“Ok, mom…. I’m getting cold now.”


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  1. What a cute dog! It looks like he is enjoying play time in the snow.

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