Fun day with the dogs!

Had a great morning playing with the boys and taking some video clips…  this is the first time I’m going to try to embed a video.  Should be interesting!

Why was amazing….  he did his FIRST Jumpers with Weaves sequence.  We had a little bit of a bobble in handling on the first try and then on the second try he didn’t want to weave on the right and got distracted with a stick…  LOL.  Silly dog!  This was also his first time working in the side yard!

Take 1:

Take 2:

Judd was also a REALLY fantastic boy!  He did his Scent Discrimination exercise for the second time outdoors.  This is huge.  Judd is not typically a dog to work Obedience well outside and he only recently learned this exercise.  He does show a broken Stay but the rest of it was pretty fantastic.

Judd also did the agility sequence.  He’s quite a bit (ok…  A LOT) more advanced than Why but Judd has been in serious agility training since April and I have only had Why for a few months!

Take 1:

Take 2:

This is the course we followed.  I got it out of an old Clean Run magazine.  I LOVE the Backyard Dogs articles… they always have short sequences that can be worked in a small space focusing on key skills.  This course is a Mary Ellen Barry course.

There were a couple of challenges on this course, especially for Why.  This was his first time doing a 270 degree turn which occurs between #2 and #3. Then the entry to weaves is tough.  Why struggled with this because he just learned how to weave this month and has a hard time still weaving on my right.  Judd knows weaving…  he was able to pick his entry easily without help from me.  The next challenge is from #7 to #8.  It’s a 180 degree turn.  Not a big deal for Judd but for a very beginner dog like Why, he still needs to learn.

When Judd is confident he’s actually a very advanced dog….  his challenges are with ring nerves.  I showed him a bit this Summer in CPE and he finished Level 1 and has a Level 2 title, CL2-H.  He’s competing in Level 2 and Level 3.   I’m VERY proud of him!


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