Finished Sweet Rose Bag!

This project was doomed from the start with me but it’s finally finished!  I made a mitake on the finishing.  Dumb mistake but correctable.  I put the cording around the top instead of the sides and I had to take the silk lining out since I was putting it on the wrong place.  Duh!  All I had to do was look at the picture.  Oh well…  it’s corrected now!

This was one of the classes that I took at Celebrations this year….

It’s Sweet Rose Bag by Louise Henderson of Cherished Stitches.

Here’s the front:

Sweet Rose Bag Front

And the back.  I adapted some letters from the Gift of Stitching for my initials.

Sweet Rose Bag Back

Yeah!  Happy Dancing!!!!


A New Finish and a New Start

Well here I am blogging when I should be getting ready for work…  LOL.  I hate being on time.

I have a new finish to share as well as a new start.  I fell in love with this design when I saw it and I had to stitch it.  This is Miss Crescent’s Crowne “All in a Heart”.  I have a frame for it too.  I think I’m going to hang it in my kitchen.  I think it would look adorable in there since I just painted the walls a sage green and replaced the ceiling fan.  I’ll frame this pretty soon since I’m not using glass.

This design hardly took me any time at all.  I started it right before I went down to Charleston.

All in a Heart Finish

It was stitched in Crescent Colors cottons on some random piece of 32 ct Zweigart.

Then I started something that I’ve been wanting to start for  a long time.  I thought I’d have to order the fabric but it turns out I had a Fat Half in my stash (which I need to replace since it was for another project).  This is Sampler Cove “Spanish Rouge”.  I’m stitching it on 40 ct Lakeside Linen Magnolia (even though it calls for 36 ct).  I’m using the required fibers.  It’s stitched in Vikki Clayton silks.  She sent me single strand spools which are very handy!

Spanish Rouge as of March 28

I’m planning on finishing the cross stitch band and the row of alternating double backstitch which goes right below it before moving on to another project.  It’s been very soothing to work on so far because of the repeating pattern.  This chart has some specialty stitches in it as well as cross stitch.  I’ve been in love with the design for a long time.  I either wanted to start this or Amtrack but this won out.  I’m a sucker for reds.  I finished the one color red and now I’m filling in with the second color.  There are only 2 colors in this design.

Otherwise not much is new except I’m giving my kitchen a facelift.  I’ve painted the walls and ceiling and replaced the ceiling fan (which I did by myself).  All I have to do is give the kitchen a deep cleaning and make the drapes.  I got a great deal at Joann’s Fabric on the drapery fabric for the big recessed window over the sink.  I picked a fabric that was on sale for $6/yard and I had a 50% off coupon for the lining fabric so I got it for $3/yard.  All of the fabic and the thread only came to $27.  I still need a tension rod and rings but that’s it.  My kitchen was really horrible looking.  It was painted white with an old country type blue and green stencil around the top, blue ceiling fan and blue roll shade in the window.  It took six coats of primer to cover the stencil.  I’ll show a picture when it’s all done and clean.

All that jazz…

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged.  I’ve really neglected this thing.  New Year’s Resolution is that I stop doing that!  Actually I don’t know what my New Year’s Resolutions are yet but I know they include staying smartish with my money, getting my Six Sigma Master Black Belt, stitching more, actually finishing a quilt, blogging more and doing less exchanges.  Wow!  I guess I really DO have resolutions!

Anyway, one bit of news.  My entire hard drive crashed.  Totally destroyed.  I lost everything since I didn’t have a backup drive.  My biggest loss besides all my precious photos (and tax returns) are my Martina Weber files.  I had most of the older designs.  Ugh…  I really don’t have the $1200 to see if I can restore old files from a recovery service.  Totally sucks.  At least I have this blog so not all my pet pictures are totally lost, nor are my stitching pictures…  like all the exchanges that I stitched and sent away!  Anyway…  it was BAD.

I have been doing some stitching and some finishing.  First I would like to share finishing on Honor Thy Needle.  It only took me a year to get around to doing it.  What I don’t like is that you glue everything together.  I don’t think glue has any business being anywhere NEAR needlework.  Also, the instructions weren’t great and my panels ended up mixed up order.  Oh well…  at least it’s done.  I did change the finishing on the inside though to make it more interesting and I made the cording from an hand-dyed silk perle.

Twisted Oaks Designs Honor Thy Needle

Close-up of the Tassle

Inside View of Honor Thy Needle

Pretty on the inside isn’t it?  It’s charted to have rather plain bands on all four sides.  I changed the design for the scissors to have a swan and placed a pair of Swan Etui scissors in them.  I also added floss rings and a piece of hand-dyed wool for needles.  I secured the hand-dyed wool with a mother of pearl button and added some purple marking pins.  I also thought that the mother of pearl threadwinder was a nice touch too. 

My latest start is Carriage House Samplings Village of Hawk Run Hollow.  I had started it with Vikki Clayton silks but was unhappy with the conversion so I switched to NPI’s.  I am much, much happier.  My very, very, very good friend Elizabeth took pity on me and frogged everything that I had started with the other silks.  How nice was that?!?!  So I got re-started and I can’t put it down.  I’m now on the second block.

VoHRH Progress to Block 2

VoHRH Block 1

VoHRH Block 2 progress

I’m stitching it on 36 ct and although I’m using the called for linen, my linen seems to be darker than anyone else’s I’ve seen.  To be honest I’m thrilled!  I think my linen is beautiful.

What’s a blog entry without a pet picture….  this is just to prove that you really CAN have harmony in a house with 9 cats and a dog.  Here’s a picture of Kirby (black & white), Little Al (gray) and Zack (orange) all napping together on the same bed.  It’s actually Joey’s old bed from when he was a puppy but it makes the perfect multi-cat bed.  Al is so fat though that Kirby doesn’t have much room.  Poor girl has to lay on top of the bolster.  Al is gassy too so I’m not sure Zack is much better off to tell you the truth.

Harmonious Napping - Kirby, Little Al and Zack

Well, I need to run.  I have a DATE tonight that I’m very excited about!  I’ll be even more excited if it turns into a second date.  My track record in 2009 was pretty poor.  Hoping for an upswing in 2010!

A Bunch of Finishes and a Gift!

I’ve been so remiss about blogging lately.  Life is a little hectic.  If I’ve been on the computer lately I’ve been working on my eBay business (which has been doing very well lately).  On the plus side I have been stitching more!

I wanted to show some pictures of some finishes and a very special gift.

My very good friend Viv gave me a birthday present a while ago.  I am finally getting around to posting pictures.  It’s magnifiscent.  She stitched Where Stitchers Gather by Victoria Sampler for me.  Her finishing is just beautiful.  She changed around a lot of the colors and I have to say I think she really made it special!  I love it.

Where Stitchers Gather from Viv - Front

Where Stitchers Gather from Viv - Back

Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s even more beautiful in person. 

So I actually finished Shepherd’s Bush Sail Away!  I finished it a little while ago but never posted the final picture.  I really love how it came out.  It was a fun stitch but I have to say that I’m not sorry to be done.  the chart was hard to read since it was hand written.  But the design is gorgeous.  I especially love the little landscape towards the bottom.

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away

Lately I have been getting back to some of my class projects.  I actually made a list of all of the class kits that I have.  I bought a few second hand and bought some of these directly from the teacher but a good portion…  I took the class and never finished the piece.  I have 44 class projects and up until recently I (believe it or not) have never finished a single class project.  Horrors…  I know.  It’s motivated me to start to focus on them on a bit.  Right now I’m working on Sherri Jones Rings of Roses Reticule.  I already finished the miser bag earlier in the year.  The smalls are stitching up quickly so I’ll be able to show another finish soon.

My first class project to finish was Catherine Theron’s Quaker Scissor Pocket.  I had the florentine on the back done and one of the over 1 motifs.  Once I got going on the over-1 I couldn’t put it down.  The finishing was a breeze.  It’s basically whipped together through a chain stitch.  I needed magnification to do it but it was very straightforward.

I took this class a couple of years ago at Celebrations in Nashville.  I was able to show my finished piece to Catherine just this past Saturday!

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Front

The little letters scattered about mean something to me.  I took the first letter of all of my pets (including Jazz and Sandy who have passed) and added them to the sampler part.  It really made it mine.

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Back

After I finished the scissor pocket, I moved on to  Betsy Stinner’s Love Is sampler.  I took this class at a retreat a little over a year ago.  I had the whole center portion done so I only had to do the side panels and the outside border.  It stitched up quickly.  I have to say I’m not looking forward to doing bullion knots again for a while.  I did find out that they are easiest in hand with a glass of wine.  Trust me on that.  It’s the secret….

Betsy Stinner Love Is Sampler

What’s a blog post without some pet pictures?

I’ve always posted pictures of Joey post-grooming.  I thought it would be nice to post a picture of him pre-grooming.  Here’s a picture of him just out of the bathtub.  Soggy Poodle….

Soggy Poodle... Joey just after his bath

And of course the finished product…

Joey Clean and Shiny!

One more pet picture.  My cat Phoenix…  what a hoot.  I guess she was listening to my advice on the bullion knots.  I had a glass of wine.  (Pink of course and out of a box) in my office with me one evening.  Phoenix is apparently a lush.  I couldn’t keep her out of it.  She would actually put her whole face into the wine glass to try to drink from it.  I snapped a picture with my phone.  The picture is a little hard to see but I have to share.  I’ve never heard of a cat wanting to drink wine before.  I couldn’t keep her out of it!  I had to quick drink it of course…  And yes…  there are ice cubes in my pink wine.  I don’t have a palate at all.

Phoenix in the Wine

I’ll try not to wait so long for my next blog post…. 

Ahhh….  one more week of work then some time off for the Holidays….  I can’t wait.  My tree and my lights are up.  I still need to shop though!

Happy Holidays!

Blackbird Designs Exchange for Jenna

I just found out that Jenna received my Blackbird Designs Exchange and she loved it!  I made her a needlebook with her initials on it.  The design comes from the book, My Heart Is True.  I used 2 colors of Limited Edition GAST for the stitching.  It was so much fun stitching!

Blackbird Designs Exchange Round 2 for Jenna

Blackbird Designs Exchange Round 2 for Jenna

Close-up of BBD Exchange for Jenna

Close-up of BBD Exchange for Jenna

HOE By the Sea Exchange to Verona

I received an email from Verona that she received my exchange piece for the HOE By the Sea exchange.  I really loved the design that I picked.  It was one of the blocks from The Trilogy Seaology.  It actually says By The Sea on it so I thought it was perfect!  I finished it into a pinkeep.

HOE By the Sea Exchange to Verona

HOE By the Sea Exchange to Verona

For the finishing fabric I actually found fabric with waves on it!  I’m so pleased Verona liked what I stitched for her.

Halloween Fairy Finish!!!

I did it!  Tonight I put the beads on Mirabilia Halloween Fairy.  I LOVE how she came out!  I ended up not making any thread changes since JLee had two skeins of Dandelion Stem that were of the same dyelot (unlike my kit).  I stitched her on Dark Tan from Silkweaver.  Isn’t she pretty???  Doing this has made me want to work on another Mirabilia.  I plan to start the new Sunflower Fairy from the September 2009 Cross Stitch & Needlework soon.  I think I need another fairy fix.

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy - Finished!

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy - Finished!

So now it’s on to the next up in my rotation.  I pulled out Villages of Hawk Run Hollow.  I’m only part of the way through Block 1.  This is the starting picture for my rotation.

Villages of Hawk Run Hollow barely started

Villages of Hawk Run Hollow barely started

I’m stitching it using the HDF conversion.  Tonight I stitched the word “RIVER” and then came across a conversion issue.  I don’t like the conversion for DMC 924.  It’s too gray and too light.  I found the original NPI color in my stash so I’ll use that.  That took some time tonight to accomplish but I think I’ll continue with the HDF silks.  I can’t afford to rekit this in NPI and I think the HDF colors are beautiful.  I’ll just have to pay attention to the color usage as I go.  Not a major problem but it was a little frustrating.  But I guess that is the danger in stitching with a conversion, right?  I’ve seen a picture of this stitched in HDF silks and it was beautiful so I’ll keep going…  I hope I won’t be sorry.