Lots of Quilting!

I’ve refound my love for quilting and I’ve been going crazy sewing blocks.  I also nearly have a quilt top done so as soon as the borders are on it, I’ll take a picture.

I wanted to share all the quilt blocks I’ve done lately.

This one is the last block from Saturday Sampler 2009.  It’s in the Floral colorway (I still really need to do the Funky colorway because I LOVE how it came out).  It’s a basket themed quilt.  Now I’m ready to piece the quilt top.

Saturday Sampler 2009 Block 12

I’m actually already caught up on Saturday Sampler 2010.  I finished Blcok 3 eary.  I’m doing the Chic colorway this year.  It’s a lot of pieces but with my new 7/8″ ruler it’s a piece of cake.

Saturday Sampler 2010 Block 3

Then I did 4 more blocks on Trifles and Truffles.  It will have a total of 23 blocs, all in funky colors.  I really love the quilt and the blocks are fast and easy.  The brown block is a little small because I had to use fabrics from my stash (the kit was short) and since I had to use a different technique for the flying geese I miscalculated.  It will still ease in to the rest of the quilt though so I’m no worried.

Trifles and Truffles

Trifles and Truffles

Trifles and Truffles

Trifles and Truffles

Then I started a Mystery Block of the Month.  I have actually been collecting the blocks and have the full kit but it’s still a mystery since I haven’t looked at all of the blocks.  Each bloc is by a different designer.  The fabric is all from the Moda Glace collection.  I LOVE it.  It’s a sampler quilt of stars that will be finished s that the 12″ blocks form a frame with an extra large star in the middle.  I recently bought backing and binding fabric from the same line and I have the finishing kit already.

Designer Mystery Block 1

Designer Mystery Block 2


3 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh, what pretty blocks and fabrics!!! You’ve gotten a lot done. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy. You made some beautiful blocks. All the fabrics are so cheery! I especially love the last one – I’m a red freak in quilts. Hope that your sewing frenzy continue!

  3. What a great job! You have been sewing up a storm. Isn’t it amazing how different a block can look with different fabrics? Great job!

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