My Vacation Comes to an End

Well, like all good things, my vacation had to come to an end today.  I had a glorious time at Celebrations and then took an additional 2 days off.  However I’m wishing I took off more days!

I have lots to share today.

First of all, I’ve FINISHED my kitchen.  I painted the walls, hung a new ceiling fan and made curtains.  Here are my curtains.  I’m really pround of them since they are the first I’ve ever made.  They are lined and I think I did a pretty good job of matching up the prints on the right and left panel.

My new curtains

Then I framed and hung my most recent finish on the wall.  You can see the wall color that I chose.  Here’s All in a Heart by Miss Crescent Crowne…

All in a Heart Framed and on the Wall

The curtains really POP on the green walls.

Celebrations was incredible.  I signed up for a record (for me) 12 classes.  Obviously I wasn’t able to be in all of them but I couldn’t resist the designs.  I didn’t go last year so I had to make up for lost time, right?

I’ve already made some good progress on the Sweet Rose Sweet Bag by Louise Henderson.  Please excuse the hoop marks…  it’s a work in progress and what I’ve been focusing on stitching.

Cherished Stitches Sweet Rose Sweet Bag WIP

I also had to show two gorgeous boxes from Marcia Brown.  I’ve already made some stitching progress on the first box, Crysanthemums in Autumn.  Here’s a picture of the box.  The design on the inside matches the box to some degree.  The finishing believe it or not won’t be that taxing!

C. in Autumn - Marcia Brown

I had to sign up for her Bounty box as well.  My confidence was up after sitting through her first class.  I just love hand-painted boxes and these are just lovely.

Bounty Box - Marcia Brown

This box has a little tray inside that will have some stitching in it.  It’s just gorgeous.

I’ll post WIP pictures as I work on the different pieces.  I’m so enthusiastic about all the pieces!

After I got home I got inspired to actually finish the finishing on my class piece from Sherri Jones called Rings of Roses Reticule.  I had finished the miser bag last year and in December I stitched the needlebook and pincushion.  Luckily I found all the finishing materials!

Here’s the whole set…  finally complete…

Sherri Jones Rings of Roses Reticule Full Set Complete

Here’s a closeup of the needlebook.  It’s done over-1 with some specialty stitches.  The inside is lined in silk with some silk self-lined pockets and Doctor’s Flannel for the needle pages.

Rings of Roses Needlebook

Here’s a closeup of the pincushion.  It’s a bit small to be practical but it looks just lovely in my curio.

Rings of Roses Pincushion

Today I decided to do something that I haven’t really gotten into since about October.  I decided to quilt!  I actually finished 5 blocks.  I got caught up with the 2010 Saturday Sampler quilt and I finished all but 1 of the blocks for the 2009 Saturday Sampler quilt (11 down, 1 to go in the Floral colorway).  The 2009 quilt all have basket motifs.  The 2010 quilt is being done in the Chic colorway which I’m very please with.

Here are my 2009 blocks that I did today:

Saturday Sampler 2009 October Block

Saturday Sampler 2009 November Block

Saturday Sampler 2009 December Block

Here are my 2010 blocks:

Saturday Sampler 2010 March Block

Saturday Sampler 2010 April Block

The Saturday Sampler 2010 March Block was challenging.  Lots of difficult piecing.  The April block just had a lot of piecing.  I am totally in love with my 7/8″ ruler though.  To make all of the half square triangle units I have to cut the fabic on the 7/8″ line.  This ruler has lines on the 7/8″ line instead of the whole inch line.  It’s way cool.

Well it’s back to work tomorrow!  Things have been nuts so I’m expecting to be in full swing and to have to hit the ground running.  I was so confused today though.  I kept thinking it was Sunday.  At least I remembered it was Tuesday in time to do my eBay shipping!  This morning I watched the Discovery-Health episode called Anxiety.  It’s a part of their Psych Week.  Some of you know but most of you don’t, I suffer from OCD and lately a general non-specific anxiety disorder that gives me anxiety attacks every evening like clockwork.  Work is probably a major cause since it was a bit better over vacation.  I was hoping that the episode would address some of what I suffer from but it focused exclusively on panic disorder and agoraphobia.  I don’t have those problems but it was interesting nonetheless.  Well, I’m in a fairly high state of anxiety right now so I think it’s time to get off the computer and try to stitch some to see if it will relax me.  Thank the Good Lord for hobbies and for friends and family who are there for me because right now these attacks are really impacting my quality of life and I feel helpless.  They are incapacitating when at their worst.  All of my muscles contract painfully and I feel like I am coming out of my skin.  My jaw gets so stiff that I can’t even speak.  I don’t usually blog about my problems but it’s not like there is anything to be ashamed of.  It’s just something that I need to learn how to overcome.  I get the therapy and medication I need but there is no magic pill (I wish there was).  Life usually isn’t perfect, right?


2 Responses

  1. I love your quilt pictures. The designs are truly nice.

    I wonder how would the house transform if you were given another day though (probably a truly amazing home).

    Looking forrward to more great designs.

  2. Wow! You got a lot accomplished! You did such a great job on the quilt blocks getting all the points to match up.

    I’d like to thank you for sharing about yourself. I’ve had several discussions with people about how often mental health issues are hidden. They seem to be a remaining prejudice in our society although no person *chooses* to have these types of problems. When you share information, you help to build tolerance and understanding.

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