Back from Charleston and More Stitching

It seems that everytime I sit down to the computer lately I feel obligated to list stuff on eBay so I never blog anymore.  Well not today!  Today I’m blogging!

Lots has been going on.  I’m back from Charleston.  It was a good visit.  It was good to see my grandmother and I think it lifted her spirits.  Joey was a good boy for the most part but he was obsessed with my grandmother’s cat, Mo.  Mo is indoor/outdoor so he stayed outside during the day and then when I went to bed with Joey, he came inside.  It was pretty warm down there, in the 60’s, so it wasn’t bad.

I wanted to share a picture of my grandfather when he was just retired.  He built his own house from the ground up out in New Mexico.  He and my grandmother stayed there until their health started to get the better of them and they moved to Charleston to be near my Aunt.  This is a picture of my grandfather building his house out in New Mexico.  He was strong then and could do ANYTHING.  You should see the tools he has.  I have one of his old tool boxes and a few of his tools now.

Grandpa in New Mexico building his house

That’s how I like to remember him.  He used to call me “Racy Stacy!”.  I’ll always remember that.  He could keep me glued in my chair with stories of when he was growing up or in the Navy.  He lived a long a life.  He would have been 90 in April.  I loved him very much.

The week went by quickly.  I got a lot of stitching done!  I brought down three projects but really just focused on Village of Hawk Run Hollow.

Joey had fun.  I took him to a dog park.  It was muddy though.  My poor grandmother.  She was sitting on a bench when a very muddy Golden Retriever decided that it loved her!  We left after Joey got a little too obnoxious with a more dominant dog.  I didn’t want there to be trouble.  Joey had to take a trip into the bathtub at the house to wash his legs off.  He was muddy!  The next day, my Aunt Sheryl brougt Bailey over.  Bailey is my cousin Jeff’s dog.  Here’s pictures…

Joey and Bailey

Joey and Bailey playing

Here’s a picture of Joey just enjoying the backyard.  He loved that there was a fence.  I don’t have a fenced in backyard so it was really nice for him.

Joey in Grandma's Backyard Running

Joey in the backyard at Grandma's

When he was in the house, it was normal Joey….  he made himself at home.

Joey Making Himself at Home

I also got my haircut wile I was down there!  I cut off 11 inches believe it or not.  I donated my hair to Locks of Love.  I hope they can use it.  Here’s the new me!  The hairdresser took this picture at the salon. Since I have to find a salon up here I thought it would be good to be able to show the new hairdresser what my hair looked like coming out of the salon in Charleston.

New haircut!

I really like how it looks and I’m getting more used to doing it everyday.  No more long hair!

After I got back work got crazy immediately.  Then I got sick….  I had to present a technical presentation on Orthogonal Array DOE to a group of about 35 people for 2 hours the other day.  I got through it with Sudafed and Afrin.  It actually went really well and people said I was actually a very entertaining speaker!  I’ve come a long way from my stage fright of talking in front of people.  Now I can crack jokes.  I got a big laugh when I described the guy sitting next to me on the plane to Orlando when I was reading up on Orthogonal Array.  He thought I was a rocket scientist or something.  As soon as I mentioned Black Belt he thought Karate.  LOL….  Actually I’m in process improvement and Black Belt is my level of certification.  I’m working towards my Master Black Belt which will mean excellent job security and some major bragging rights (not to mention a little cash).  The DOE was a part of that.  I gota big round of applause at the end of the talk.  Very new for me.  It’s just this year that I’m comfortable speaking in front of people.

Well time to share my progress on stitching!

I finished the second block on Village of Hawk Run Hollow.  I’m leaving the backstitch to the end so that it doesn’t get messed up.

Block 2 of VoHRH

Since finishing the second block I’ve been working on a small new project by Miss Crescent’s Crowne called All in a Heart.  I’m getting close to being done.

All in a Heart WIP

It’s a pretty quick stitch.  All in Crescent Colors but I LOVE the frame it goes in.  It will be even prettie when the green leaves go in and the wod Love in the yellow color.  I don’t know what color linen I’m using.  It’s just a piece I found at Tawny’s.

Today I’m going to Tawny’s to stitch (Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch).  Nashville stuff is in including my orders. Yeah!!!  I can’t wait to get my hands on Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow and the new Blackbird Designs book…  oh yes and the new Shepherd’s Bush kit….  I have my weaknesses….


4 Responses

  1. Your haircut is darling! Good for you on the blackbelt – we’re constantly doing bb, process improvement projects at work! Great progress on VoHRH and the Heart wip is really pretty! Have a fun weekend!

  2. It sounds like a great trip, and your stitching is looking fabulous!

    I am trained as a 6 Sigma BB, too…and that was my job title before my current position…so I know exactly what it’s like to get that kind of reaction. When I tell someone, it is usually followed by a blank stare…and a feeble attempt at a karate chop…LOL!

  3. Fun pictures of your Grandpa. So fun to read. I’m glad you had a great trip.
    Your hair cut it cute! I love it when I hear stories of people donating their hair. What a wonderful gift of love.

  4. Stacy,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new haircut!!! You look amazing! Kudos for taking the plunge, and even better for ‘Locks of Love.’

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