Joey’s New ‘do… in a Lamb Trim this time

Yesterday was grooming day for Joey.  I did it again.  I quicked him and he tracked blood from stem to sturn in my house.  Thank goodness for the steam cleaner!  I need to be more careful about his back nails.  It’s hard since they’re black so it’s hard to gage how far I can trim.

I do all my own grooming with Joey.  Honestly it makes me feel good.  It’s a lot of work but I feel like it strengthens the bond between Joey and me.  He trusts me completely even when the grooming is uncomfortable.  I don’t even have to tie him on the grooming table.  I use all professional level tools and I have to say that my grooming jobs are just as good as what I’ve paid for in the past.  To get a Standard Poodle groomed professionally it’s between $85 and $150 every 6 weeks or so.  So I save a lot of money this way.  Plus he’s so darned good.  All I have to do is tell him to get in the bathtub and he does and he stays like a rock on the grooming table all the way through the high velocity blow drying (I have a Master Blaster) and the clipping.  I learned everything I know from a book on grooming poodles.  I wouldn’t want to do it for a living but I really appreciate my dog’s temperament everytime I groom him.

Lately I had just been putting him into a sporting cut where I shave the legs and body down to a half inch and then scissor the topknot.  This time I tried a Lamb Trim for the first time.  I scissored his legs so that they are longer and then blended his legs into this body which I clipped at a half inch.  I also made the back of this neck a little longer and blended it into his topknot.

I really like the results!  It’s more grooming upkeep which I need to be better about doing but it’s so cute on him.  I might keep him in a Lamb Trim at least while it’s cold outside and then since I will have the longer legs I can put him back into a Miami Trim (pom-poms on the ankles) at a later time if I feel like it.

I found that the real trick to grooming him is fluff drying.  It’s where you use a slicker brush in one hand and the blow nozzle in the other hand.  It cuts drying time and the hair dries straighter.  It’s a technique that I’m still working on but getting the hang of.  My scissoring isn’t bad.  I have a cheap pair of shears but they do the job.

Here’s my boy!  He’s also wearing  new collar made by my mother with little snowmen on it.  I love the collar!

Joey in a Lamb Trim Side View

Joey in a Lamb Trim front view

So I’d say that my first Lamb Trim ever was successful!  It really wasn’t much different work wise from doing a Sporting Trim.  He sure needed a grooming though.  My poor boy was looking a little scruffy.  His face was curly and the hair on his feet was so long!  I tell you though…  he’s so good.  How many dogs put up with have their face shaved, even around the eyes, and toes shaved.  I have to get all the hairs off around the nail beds and everything.  It really is a lot of work.  I’ve been doing his face, feet and base of tail since he was a small puppy so he’s used to me doing it.  It was just the next logical leap for me to do the whole dog.  It takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours from start to finish but he looks so good when he’s done!  He knows it too….

So today will probably be mostly eBay and then I plan on maybe actually stitching some!  Novel idea for me lately….


3 Responses

  1. Wow, you did a fabulous job on Joey, and he’s such a handsome boy!! We have a standard, too, but we have him professionally groomed. We don’t have any equipment, plus he’s really high energy and after about 30 minutes with a hairbrush, he’s had it. I can’t imagine him holding still for 3 to 4 hours!! We only pay about $60 though, and we stretch it out to every 5 to 6 weeks–so it’s not too bad cost-wise. Poodles are amazing dogs. We got one because of our allergies and never realized how smart, funny, and loving they are. Oh, and did I mention high energy??? ; )

  2. I really like the fluffy legs. Can’t wait to see him in person.

  3. p.s.

    You need to update your “current rotation” and WIPS lists to give yourself credit for all the pieces you’ve finished!

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