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It’s been ages since I’ve blogged.  I’ve really neglected this thing.  New Year’s Resolution is that I stop doing that!  Actually I don’t know what my New Year’s Resolutions are yet but I know they include staying smartish with my money, getting my Six Sigma Master Black Belt, stitching more, actually finishing a quilt, blogging more and doing less exchanges.  Wow!  I guess I really DO have resolutions!

Anyway, one bit of news.  My entire hard drive crashed.  Totally destroyed.  I lost everything since I didn’t have a backup drive.  My biggest loss besides all my precious photos (and tax returns) are my Martina Weber files.  I had most of the older designs.  Ugh…  I really don’t have the $1200 to see if I can restore old files from a recovery service.  Totally sucks.  At least I have this blog so not all my pet pictures are totally lost, nor are my stitching pictures…  like all the exchanges that I stitched and sent away!  Anyway…  it was BAD.

I have been doing some stitching and some finishing.  First I would like to share finishing on Honor Thy Needle.  It only took me a year to get around to doing it.  What I don’t like is that you glue everything together.  I don’t think glue has any business being anywhere NEAR needlework.  Also, the instructions weren’t great and my panels ended up mixed up order.  Oh well…  at least it’s done.  I did change the finishing on the inside though to make it more interesting and I made the cording from an hand-dyed silk perle.

Twisted Oaks Designs Honor Thy Needle

Close-up of the Tassle

Inside View of Honor Thy Needle

Pretty on the inside isn’t it?  It’s charted to have rather plain bands on all four sides.  I changed the design for the scissors to have a swan and placed a pair of Swan Etui scissors in them.  I also added floss rings and a piece of hand-dyed wool for needles.  I secured the hand-dyed wool with a mother of pearl button and added some purple marking pins.  I also thought that the mother of pearl threadwinder was a nice touch too. 

My latest start is Carriage House Samplings Village of Hawk Run Hollow.  I had started it with Vikki Clayton silks but was unhappy with the conversion so I switched to NPI’s.  I am much, much happier.  My very, very, very good friend Elizabeth took pity on me and frogged everything that I had started with the other silks.  How nice was that?!?!  So I got re-started and I can’t put it down.  I’m now on the second block.

VoHRH Progress to Block 2

VoHRH Block 1

VoHRH Block 2 progress

I’m stitching it on 36 ct and although I’m using the called for linen, my linen seems to be darker than anyone else’s I’ve seen.  To be honest I’m thrilled!  I think my linen is beautiful.

What’s a blog entry without a pet picture….  this is just to prove that you really CAN have harmony in a house with 9 cats and a dog.  Here’s a picture of Kirby (black & white), Little Al (gray) and Zack (orange) all napping together on the same bed.  It’s actually Joey’s old bed from when he was a puppy but it makes the perfect multi-cat bed.  Al is so fat though that Kirby doesn’t have much room.  Poor girl has to lay on top of the bolster.  Al is gassy too so I’m not sure Zack is much better off to tell you the truth.

Harmonious Napping - Kirby, Little Al and Zack

Well, I need to run.  I have a DATE tonight that I’m very excited about!  I’ll be even more excited if it turns into a second date.  My track record in 2009 was pretty poor.  Hoping for an upswing in 2010!


10 Responses

  1. The etui is beautiful! Your finish is amazing!

    Great start on VoHRH.

  2. Stacy, Good to see you back on your blog! Sorry about the hard drive crash, though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you about your date.

  3. Nice post for one who has not posted in a while. I love the linen color you are using its nice.
    Also love the etui I like the changes and the only other thing i can say is GLUE!!!!!!!!! EEEECCCKK

  4. As always your finishing is top notch. I’m hoping to add one of the Hawk Runs to my stitching again next year.

  5. Exquisite finish – truly a work of art and I love all your extra touches. VoHRH is looking awesome!

  6. All the stitching looks wonderful, as does the finishing! The cats are too cute. Good luck on your date!

  7. Your finish is lovely.

    Commiserations on the hard drive – $1200 sounds very steep for data recovery though!

  8. Hey! Welcome back to blogworld!

    The etui looks great!

  9. Your etui finish is awesome :D So sorry to hear about my hard drive dying and losing everything, that must have been heartbreaking! :(

  10. Splendide!!!

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