A Bunch of Finishes and a Gift!

I’ve been so remiss about blogging lately.  Life is a little hectic.  If I’ve been on the computer lately I’ve been working on my eBay business (which has been doing very well lately).  On the plus side I have been stitching more!

I wanted to show some pictures of some finishes and a very special gift.

My very good friend Viv gave me a birthday present a while ago.  I am finally getting around to posting pictures.  It’s magnifiscent.  She stitched Where Stitchers Gather by Victoria Sampler for me.  Her finishing is just beautiful.  She changed around a lot of the colors and I have to say I think she really made it special!  I love it.

Where Stitchers Gather from Viv - Front

Where Stitchers Gather from Viv - Back

Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s even more beautiful in person. 

So I actually finished Shepherd’s Bush Sail Away!  I finished it a little while ago but never posted the final picture.  I really love how it came out.  It was a fun stitch but I have to say that I’m not sorry to be done.  the chart was hard to read since it was hand written.  But the design is gorgeous.  I especially love the little landscape towards the bottom.

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away

Lately I have been getting back to some of my class projects.  I actually made a list of all of the class kits that I have.  I bought a few second hand and bought some of these directly from the teacher but a good portion…  I took the class and never finished the piece.  I have 44 class projects and up until recently I (believe it or not) have never finished a single class project.  Horrors…  I know.  It’s motivated me to start to focus on them on a bit.  Right now I’m working on Sherri Jones Rings of Roses Reticule.  I already finished the miser bag earlier in the year.  The smalls are stitching up quickly so I’ll be able to show another finish soon.

My first class project to finish was Catherine Theron’s Quaker Scissor Pocket.  I had the florentine on the back done and one of the over 1 motifs.  Once I got going on the over-1 I couldn’t put it down.  The finishing was a breeze.  It’s basically whipped together through a chain stitch.  I needed magnification to do it but it was very straightforward.

I took this class a couple of years ago at Celebrations in Nashville.  I was able to show my finished piece to Catherine just this past Saturday!

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Front

The little letters scattered about mean something to me.  I took the first letter of all of my pets (including Jazz and Sandy who have passed) and added them to the sampler part.  It really made it mine.

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Back

After I finished the scissor pocket, I moved on to  Betsy Stinner’s Love Is sampler.  I took this class at a retreat a little over a year ago.  I had the whole center portion done so I only had to do the side panels and the outside border.  It stitched up quickly.  I have to say I’m not looking forward to doing bullion knots again for a while.  I did find out that they are easiest in hand with a glass of wine.  Trust me on that.  It’s the secret….

Betsy Stinner Love Is Sampler

What’s a blog post without some pet pictures?

I’ve always posted pictures of Joey post-grooming.  I thought it would be nice to post a picture of him pre-grooming.  Here’s a picture of him just out of the bathtub.  Soggy Poodle….

Soggy Poodle... Joey just after his bath

And of course the finished product…

Joey Clean and Shiny!

One more pet picture.  My cat Phoenix…  what a hoot.  I guess she was listening to my advice on the bullion knots.  I had a glass of wine.  (Pink of course and out of a box) in my office with me one evening.  Phoenix is apparently a lush.  I couldn’t keep her out of it.  She would actually put her whole face into the wine glass to try to drink from it.  I snapped a picture with my phone.  The picture is a little hard to see but I have to share.  I’ve never heard of a cat wanting to drink wine before.  I couldn’t keep her out of it!  I had to quick drink it of course…  And yes…  there are ice cubes in my pink wine.  I don’t have a palate at all.

Phoenix in the Wine

I’ll try not to wait so long for my next blog post…. 

Ahhh….  one more week of work then some time off for the Holidays….  I can’t wait.  My tree and my lights are up.  I still need to shop though!

Happy Holidays!


6 Responses

  1. Beautiful projects all! I especially love that Quaker scissor pocket, I keep telling myself I’m not a big fan of Quakers; then projects like this come along and make a liar of me.

  2. Wonderful finishes! I love your Sail Away and Quaker Pocket. And what a beautiful gift from Viv!

  3. Great stitching! Do you groom Joey yourself???

  4. Good to “see” you back, Stacy, and with such lovely finishes!

  5. What gorgeous stitching, Stacy! Great work!

    ROFLOL Cats are so weird.

  6. Love the pet pics!!! Your stitching is just wonderful. I’m in love with the SB piece!

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