Catching Up

I haven’t blogged in ages it seems.  I’m having huge computer problems with my internet connection so I hope I can even finish this entry.  Of course I’m writing this when I SHOULD be getting ready for work!

I have so much to catch up on!

First of all I wanted to share what I got in the mail yesterday.  Carol sent me a beautiful fob for the HOE Halloween Exchange.  I’m so excited that she got my name because I’ve always admired her stitching.  It’s funny…  I stitched for her in the Christmas in July Exchange!  Carol stitched the Just Nan piece from the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue.  I absolutely love it.  Her finishing is beautiful, down to the little charm on the fob.  She also sent me a gorgeous pair of scissors that go so well with the fob and some other goodies as well.  Part of the goody part included a fabulous pair of socks.  Since I’m going on a Halloween stitching retreat next week, these will HAVE to come with me!

Halloween Fob from Carol

Halloween Fob from Carol

HOE Halloween Exchange from Carol

HOE Halloween Exchange from Carol

I also wanted to share a birthday gift that I received from my friend Janis.  Since there are so many of us in my group of friends we decided to draw names for birthday gifts this year.  I’m very lucky that Janis drew my name!  I haven’t been able to see her in person so she mailed me her gift.  She sent me a beautiful whitework biscornu.  Her finishing is just stunning.

Biscornu from Janis

Biscornu from Janis

Aren’t I lucky?  My curio is being filled with the most wonderful treasures…

Oh yes…  I’m making progress on my Mystery Quilt!  I’m on part 6 now where everything turns into a quilt.  Everything has been pieces and the blocks now just need to be attached to the sashing and the borders.  I might get to this this weekend if I’m lucky.  The weekend will be full though because I need to do the finishing on all of my exchanges, sew my sister’s birthday present and make my ort bag gifts for my friends for the Spooky retreat.  The quilt may have to wait!

Anyway…  it’s looking quiltish!  There are 12 of these blocks.

Mystery Quilt Part 6 in progress

Mystery Quilt Part 6 in progress

The other weekend, my town had a town wide yard sale.  My favorite charity Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab uses my front yard for their charity yard sale.  At the same time, lots of other houses are having sales too.  I picked up some really great finds.

Here’s a dresser I picked up for $20!  I needed a dresser badly and this one is old.  It’s been finished with dovetail joins.  Not bad for 20 bucks.

New Dresser from Town Wide Yard Sale

New Dresser from Town Wide Yard Sale

I also found a gorgeous coffee table and end table set.  They need glass on top but otherwise they are perfect.  I haven’t really furnished the family room yet (can’t afford a new couch right now) so I’m putting these in the attic until I’m ready to use them.  I love the carved wood.  They are just so unique.  I got the whole set for $45.

Coffee Table from Town Wide Yard Sale

Coffee Table from Town Wide Yard Sale

TGIF!!!!  And hopefully I can get my computer problems resolved.  I’m going to swap out my cable modem with the cable company tomorrow and I ordered a new router off of eBay in case that’s the problem.  It’s been very furstrating.  Everything for my eBay business needs the internet.  I can’t even scan right now since I use wireless for my scanner and the signal is so weak.  I’m tearing out my hair over it.  I can’t really post any new auctions right now though since I’ll be going away next Thursday for a long weekend but these problems need to be resolved and soon!


5 Responses

  1. Great gifties you got! I love them both but the whitework biscournu is lovely!

    Great finds,too! Have a great weekend.

  2. Good finds!

    The fob is wonderful, mental note – copy that. lol And the biscornu is so elegant.

  3. I love the scissor fob! Darling as can be.
    Hope you get your computer problems fixed. It’s hard to live without it!
    Love the finds and the biscournu. Wonderful!

  4. What great things you received. I just saw that fob on Carol’s site, and that biscornu is so pretty. Love your quilt squares and what a great find on those pieces of furniture. I really love that table!!

  5. I NEED the biscornu. It is absolutely beautiful.

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