Some quilting from last weekend

I haven’t had a chance to blog all week but I wanted to share some things that I did last weekend.  My mom had a bit of a rough weekend and I decided to make her a gift.  I made her a tote bag.  The one that I had made for her for her birthday is getting worn out already since she uses it everyday as a purse.  Also the one I made for her are Summer colors and she needed something to use for the Fall.  I used fabric out of my stash and made her up this tote.

Tote for Mom

Tote for Mom

She really likes it!  She’s already using it.

Then I went ahead and did my Saturday Sampler block for September.  I’m still just working on the Floral Colorway.  I bought Seam a Steam so that I could wor on the Funky Colorway but Joey ate it…  Bad puppy.  The September block uses 1″ Thangles to make the half square triangle squares.  It was SO easy.  The block didn’t turn out perfect but I expect when I get around to starting the Funky Colorway that it will look a lot better.  Funky is definately my favorite so far so I need to get busy.  So far we’ve completed 8 out of the 12 blocks and I’ve kept up!  I may actually end up with a quilt at the end of this.  LOL.

Saturday Sampler September Floral Colorway

Saturday Sampler September Floral Colorway

And what is a blog post without a pet picture!  I wanted to share a picture of my perfectly spoiled Poodle.  Here’s Joey on his throne.  Yes…  he’s allowed on the furniture.  He doesn’t shed after all!  I draw the line though when he stands on the end tables.  He seems to know the phrase “Joey get off the end table!”  How bad is that?  My life is ruled by my pets.  Well at least my house is anyway…

Joey looking cozy in the comfy chair

Joey looking cozy in the comfy chair

I’ve been so busy this week.  I am up to my eyeballs in bras!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I used to sell overstock Victoria’s Secret on eBay.  It was a long time ago but I have a ton of stock left over.  It’s time to get it out of my house!  This week my mother came over and helped me to inventory what I have.  It fills 12 huge plastic bins.  This weekend I have the task of getting this stuff up on eBay.  I’ll never recoup what I paid for it but it’s not doing me any good sitting there the way it is now… LOL…  My stitching customers that buy from my eBay store aren’t going to know what to expect when they see huge lots of lingerie listed.  I can’t avoid it so I’ll have to get some good stash up there this weekend as well.



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  1. What a great bag for your mom. Joey looks very regal sitting on his throne! Good luck selling the bras!

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