Doing some quilting!

I finally got the guts up to start the quilting on my first quilt.  I’ve had the quilt done, basted and waiting fr quilting for months.  I finally toldmyself that it’s okay if it’s not perfect.  For crying out loud…  it’s my first quilt!  I pulled out my new old machine and got it set for quilting.  I had never used it so I had to do everything including figure out how to thread it!  The feed dogs don’t lower so I figured out how to remove them.  I also had to get the tension right and practice a little with the darning foot.  It seems to work!  I’m just doing a meandering pattern on it.  Nothing fancy.

The quilt should be nice.  I used Blackbird Designs Harvest Home collection.  The quilt is a rail fence and was quite easy to make.  I still don’t know how to do binding yet but I’ll have to figure that out when I get there.  I may do a private lesson at my local quilt shop when the time comes.

Here’s my new quilt in progress.

Blackbird Designs Harvest Home Rail Fence Quilt in Progress

Blackbird Designs Harvest Home Rail Fence Quilt in Progress

The trouble is that I can’t do this all in one sitting.  It’s a large throw size.  Not quite the size of a Twin but it takes some hand strength and stamina.  I plan on working on it over the next couple of days while I’m home to get it done.  In the meantime I have to leave the quilt on the machine.  That’s fine and all except Marmalade-Bad-Kitty AKA The Marmalder likes to de-thread my machine.  But then again….  I HAVE THUMBS and SUPERIOR INTELLECT to a cat…  I think…  LOL.  He’s a smart one.

This is what I am doing in between sessions sitting at the machine….

Foiling The Marmalader...  Quilting in Progress

Foiling The Marmalader... Quilting in Progress

That’s my sewing marchine cover.  LOL…  Let’s see him win THIS round!

Here’s the little Creep.  I know he’s just plotting.  He may LOOK innocent but trust me…  he’s not.

Marmalade looking innocent...  really he's just plotting!

Marmalade looking innocent... really he's just plotting!

I also made some progress on my quilted needlework accessories yesterday.  I finished off 4 ort bags.  These are similar to the ones with the instructions available on the internet however I modified the design.  They are stiff because they are lined in batting.  I also changed the finishing to make them a bit more durable.

4 New Ort Bags

4 New Ort Bags

I used some Moda fabric that I have.  They have butterfies on them!

Then I pulled out the rotary cutter and cut fabrics for my next tote bag.  I’m not sure whose tote bag this will probably be for my sister for her birthday.  Since my sister’s birthday is in October it will probably be for her.  I just loved the fabrics.  The darker cherries will be the lining and the scrollwork fabric will be the cuff.  I pulled out a bunch of other fabrics and cut 5″ charm squares for the rest of the tote.

Fabrics for my next tote

Fabrics for my next tote


5 Responses

  1. What a gorgeous quilt that’s going to be! I love the colors – and your pic with the old singer looks a lot like a BBD photograph! Your ort bags are just too cute – love the pink and green. Can’t wait to see your newest tote bag – I’m sure it’ll be wonderful and a much appreciated gift.

  2. So the hang up phone calls I had this morning were probably Marmalade calling Tracy for advice? Good job I was home to intercept the calls!
    Those of us with opposable thumbs have to band together for protection against the feline kind.

  3. I give you huge kudos for quilting that yourself. That’s going to be a lovely quilt. I’m really partial to those colors anyway, so I think it’s going to be a knockout.

  4. I think Harvest Home Rail Fence is going to be really beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  5. Oooh I can’t wait to see this one!!!!

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