Sail Away progress!

Yo Ho Ho!  I’m Sailing Away!  LOL…  sorry I couldn’t resist…  I’m so excited that I’m nearly caught up with the Sail Away SAL.  I’m done through Part4!  Once I used my lighted magnifier the over-1 worked up pretty quickly.  Getting older stinks…  my eyes just aren’t what they used to be.

Anyway, here’s a picture.  Isn’t it a beautiful design?  I am officially half done and I can’t wait to get into the portrait part on the bottom.

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away done through Part 4

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away done through Part 4

It’s been a great vacation so far.  I’ve spent time with friends and I’ve gotten some stitching and quilting done.  Sunday I finished Part 3 of my mystery quilt.  It’s still in a million pieces so I’m looking forward to it starting to look like a quilt.  There are only 6 parts so it has to start looking quiltish soon, doesn’t it?  I think in part 4, blocks start to come together.  I love the fabrics I chose.  I’m a real sucker for the Asian prints and love the metallic etching.  I think this quilt will be star blocks, yeah!!!  It should eventually finish up to a Queen Size quilt.  I still have a lot of fabric so there will still be more cutting and sewing.

Mystery Quilt - done through part 3

Mystery Quilt - done through part 3

And I have another finish!  I FINALLY finished Donna’s birthday present.  Donna is a great friend of mine who comes to take care of Joey during the day.  I met Donna when I was doing cat rescue.  Although I no longer foster, I get my kitten fix pretty frequently by going to her house.  Oh my goodness does she havesome of the cutest kittens that she’s fostering…  Anyway, I made her a tote which I thought would be perfect for her to take to adoption events.  I used fabrics with cats on them.  This tote gave me a lot of grief because I must have measured wrong somewhere.  I had to take it apart to fix it.  But it ended up pretty good and she LOVES it.  Her birthday was back in July but better late than never right?

Donna's Tote - I made it for her birthday

Donna's Tote - I made it for her birthday

My mother has already asked for another tote for Christmas.  She uses the one I made her all the time as a purse.  She asked for something that will go with winter clothes.  She also thinks I should make one for each of my grandmothers.  I think she’s right.  They aren’t hard as long as I don’t mess up!  The on-point arrangement was difficult to do and to get right.

I came into the kitchen the other day and took a couple of really cute pictures of Robyn.  She’s such a character.  She was lounging in the window sill with Marmalade (her boyfriend-kitty).

I think Robyn is really enjoying the sun!  But she seems to be hogging the windowsill.

I think Robyn is really enjoying the sun! But she seems to be hogging the windowsill.

Robyn is a photogenic little cutie!

Robyn is a photogenic little cutie!



Today I need to do a bit of eBay.  I have very few actions up (although I have about 85 things in my eBay store).  I need to post some new things.  I also want to stitch on Sail Away and maybe do a little quilting.  Tawny from Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch has requested that I send her more quilted needlework accessories so I think that had better be part of today’s focus!  I have about a half dozen ort bags in progress but I need to also make some needle books and scissor cases.

5 Responses

  1. You’re making great progress on Sail Away. And I can’t wait to see your quilt as it progresses. I really like the colors in it. And I love that purse too. Very cute fabric. I plan on getting to WVAS in November so maybe I’ll see your things while I’m there!

  2. Sail Away looks great and your bag is gorgeous! Good luck with your ebaying!

  3. Great job on SA! It’s looking very pretty. Congrats on getting caught up! The next part is so fun to stitch, it goes quickly! The tote you made your friend is awesome and the kitty pics are sweet.

  4. Your “Sail Away” is looking awesome! Love the kitty pics, too. :)

  5. It’s looking wonderful!!

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