Saturday Sampler and Other Stuff

Yeah!!!  I’m on vacation!!!  I decided to take all next week off.  Monday is a holiday anyway so I only have to use 4 vacation days to get a nice long stretch off.  I started my vacation yesterday afternoon when I went stitching with the girls.  I brought Sail Away with me and made some progress on part 3.  I was so surprised at how small the person was.  Was some reason I pictured her bigger….  That’s the part I’m stitching right now.  I plan on going to my LNS, Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch, and I’ll bring my stitching with me.

This is where I am on Sail Away.  Not a great picture but you get the idea…

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away mid-Part 3

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away mid-Part 3

Last night after I got home I remembered that Saturday Sampler is this weekend at my local quilt shop, Kindred Quilts.  I finished up my August block.  The pieces went together pretty easily but the applique was a pain.  The template wasn’t the right size!  It was too short.  The trouble is that they don’t give you any extra fabric so there is no frogging…  Anyway, it came out okay and at least this means that I’m still caught up.  I think this week I’m going to do some quilting so I may start the Funky colorway which I LOVE.  I actually like the Funky colorway better than the Floral.  The Floral is the colorway that I’m caught up on.

Here’s my August block.  Lots of small pieces but that wasn’t too bad.

Saturday Sampler August Block - Floral Colorway

Saturday Sampler August Block - Floral Colorway

That’s 6 blocks down, 6 to go!


5 Responses

  1. Great progress on Sail Away! The girl looks a little bigger once you get her nice, full, figure stitched! Your quilt is lovely and good for you for being caught up. Sounds like you have a lot of irons in the fire.

  2. Have a great vacation! Your SA looks great. What beautiful colors!

  3. Sail Away is coming along great! i love your quilt too!
    Hope you have a great week off work.

  4. Great progress on SA. Keep on paddling!
    Love the quilt block too. Take Care.

  5. Your blog is gorgeous, thanks a lot!

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