Sail Away Part 2

Yeah!!!  I finally got part 2 done of sail Away.  I’m really enjoying this piece.  elizabeth came over yesterday so I got some concentrated stitching time in.  I love all of the parts of this piece but I think I especially love the blue quaker motif.

Today I’m going to the Greyhound kennel in South Jersey with my mother to pick up her new foster so I won’t be able to get to part 3 until a little later on today.  Her new foster’s name is Harry Honey and he’s so shy…  I know I’m goin to love him.

Anyway, here’s my completed Part 2!

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away Part 2

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away Part 2

6 Responses

  1. It’s looking great Stacy!!

  2. BTW, I’m encouraged by your list of WIPs in the sidebar. I thought I was the only one with WIPs coming out of my ears, but I see I’m in good company and don’t feel so bad anymore (hmmm, think I’m going to find something new to stitch! LOL).

  3. So pretty! I love these colors!

  4. Beautiful job, Stacy! Have fun picking up the greyhound today!

  5. Great stitching!
    This is looking so pretty – I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project.

  6. beautiful stitching!
    the colours are lovely, so subtle :-)

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