Too cute not to post about

Lots of you out in reader land know that I sell stash on consignment.  It really can be quite fun!  I ran across something this morning as I was posting new listings and I had to write about it.  It’s actually a miniature for a dollhouse but it’s a NEEDLEWORK STAND.  How cute…  you stitch the design and construct the stand with the provided materials.

This is what it looks like…

Dollhouse Needlework Stand

Dollhouse Needlework Stand

This kit is for sale if anyone is interested…  Here’s the link.  Isn’t it too cute? – SOLD

I’ve been having connection issues all day and it’s driving me crazy.  I think I finally have them solved.  I think my modem is getting a little old or something.  Ugh.  I’ve still had a chance to post lots of stuff.  Right now I have over 130 things for sale and sales are good!

What I need to do for the rest of the day is a little cleaning in my house and then stitch on Sail Away.  I’m on Part 2 and behind in the SAL.  I really want to keep up but I need to Catch Up first!


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  1. I looked this kit up. This designer has all kinds of adorable minatures:

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