Catnap won a contest!

I’m so excited.  I just found out that my most favorite Greyhound in the world won a contest!  Greyhound Friends of NJ ran a photo contest to pick a photo for the front of the adoption brochure.  My mother submitted a picture of Catnap and won First Place!  This is extra special.  Cat is what is called a “spook”.  Greyhounds tend to be gregarious with people which is amazing considering they were never raised to be pets.  They just love people.  There is a very small percentage of Greys that are referred to as spooks because they have a deep general fear of humans.  Personally I’m amazed that there are very few spooks which just goes to show how resilent the breed is but at the same time I’m so happy that there are spooks who get the opportunity for happiness through Greyhound rescue.  Spooks tend to be slow in trusting people but they bond very strongly to “their people”.  Cat is afraid of strangers but is so happy at home and in his safety zone.  (I feel honored that this truly special dog has decided that I’m one of his people and I’m always tickled by the greeting when I see him.  He literally bounces!)  Because Cat is afraid of strangers he can’t go to Meet and Greets with my mother and her other dogs, Trey and Preston.  Meet and Greets are critical to Greyhound rescue because it gives the public a chance to meet these tremendous, wonderful dogs in person and to learn about their care and the adoption process.  Catnap has a home with my mother because of Meet and Greets.  It was at a Meet and Greet where my mother met Greyhounds for the first time and fell in love with them.  Because Cat is so sweet and is a gorgeous dog, we’ve always wished that people would have a chance to appreciate him.  Now they will!  Now because of the photo contest, Cat will be at every Meet and Greet that GFNJ does!

Here’s the winning photo!

Catnap's Winning Photo

Catnap's Winning Photo

In the photo, Cat is laying in his digging hole.  My mother has given the dogs a place in the corner of her yard where they are allowed to dig.  It’s behind the plants and is filled with mulch and great dirt.  The dog’s love it!  Cat is a natural escavator and he loves digging in his hole and then laying in the cool dirt.  In fact, he turns it into a game.  He will dig in his hole furiously and then take a wild running lap with the other boys around the yard and then run right back to his hole where the game is restarted.  The dogs treat the hole as “home base”.  It’s really so much fun to watch.  I think it’s extra special that the picture my mom took of Cat is in his special hole.  This is a picture of a happy dog.

Congratulations Mom and Catnap!


6 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful boy! Congrats to Mom on the winning picture.

  2. Congratulations. He’s a beautiful dog!!

  3. He’s a beautiful dog! Congrats to your mom!

  4. Hi Stacy! Please send me your mailing address so that I can send you a Sail Away scissor fob (if you’d like one). :-)

  5. OOOps… forgot to say that the pic was beautiful! Congrats to your mom!

  6. What a pretty boy! It’s greyt to find another stitcher with an appreciation for greyhounds! I’m down to just one now (Sophie), but DH and I are thinking about another when the baby gets a bit older.

    Congrats to your mom (and Catnap). Are the fancy collars listed in your sidebar from her? They’re beautiful!

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