Some WIP pictures from this weekend

It was a great stitching weekend!  I got to spend a lot of time with my very good friend Elizabeth.  On Saturday she invited Joey and me over to her house.  Her cats didn’ quite know what to think of him.  We put a babygate up so that they could have peace from the poodle.  While I was there I stitched on Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy.  I am SO pleased with how it’s stitching up.  I’m also pleased with the fact that I chose the Valdani threads and didn’t do a conversion.  The 6 ply threads have a different texture than the 3 ply and they are quite easy to work with.  So far I have most of the top sunflower done.

Sunflower Fairy WIP as of 8/15/09

Sunflower Fairy WIP as of 8/15/09

Then on Sunday, Elizabeth came over to my house.  She had recently purchased a new TV and was looking for a home for her old one.  She gave it to me!  Yeah!!!!  It’s about twice as big as the little one that I had in my stitching room.  The one that I had was really too small for the room.  This one is PERFECT.  Last night I watched Narnia on it and enjoyed every minute.

While Elizabeth was over, I finished up Assignment 1 from the Shepherd’s Bush Sail Away SAL.  I started Assignment 2 but didn’t get very far.  It’s really stitching up to be quite pretty.  My only complaint is that the chart is hand-written with no darker lines on the 10 stitch grid so it’s a little hard to read.  The design itself makes up for it though and I’m very pleased that I started it.

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away SAL Part 1

Shepherd's Bush Sail Away SAL Part 1

4 Responses

  1. Both your WIPs are looking fantastic. I have never used the Valdani threads, but I think that I should at some point. They look so crisp and pretty. This is going to be one gorgeous piece when you’re finished.

    And you’re going great on the SAL – isn’t it a fun stitch? I hear your complaint about their charts – sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the symbol is, but yours is coming along perfectly!

  2. Great progress on your wips! Sail Away is beautiful and the colors in Sunflower Fairy are so cheerful!

  3. Oooo, beautiful stitching! Sail Away is so peaceful and Sunflower Fairy so bright and sunny. Love them, great WIPs!

  4. It was a fine weekend!

    And your pieces look even better in person. I just love the colours on the sunflower!

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