Cross Stitch Questions

Melissa from Musings from a Three Bedroom Ranch posted questions on her blog.  I thought it would be fun to answer!

1)Why do you stitch?

Stitching for me is a creative outlet and stress reducer.  I love how I can create something something beautiful from fabric and floss.  When I stitch I can relax and since relaxation is a hard thing for me, stitching is important for my mental well being.  I am actually a sufferer of OCD and my mind seems to go on spin cycle.  Stitching is relief for me because it is like pressing the pause the button.  It lets my mind be quiet so that I can be at peace.

2) On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being least important and 10 being most important what is your cross stitch passion level?

I would say that it is about at an 8.  I get excited about new designs and I try to stitch everyday.  I have a problem with my attention span though and unless something has really engaged me, it can be hard to sit still.  Is this where I mention that in addition to OCD I also have Adult ADD?  LOL…  It’s true and it gets in the way of my stitching.

3)If you’re only option for cross stitch supplies and patterns happened to be the major chain craft stores would you just walk away from the little X? Kiss it goodbye?

I would still stitch.  It’s not about the fancy designs (that I do love), it’s about the process of creating something beautiful and it’s my opportunity for relaxation.  I’ve had hobbies come and go but stitching is special.  I’ve made the best friends that I’ve ever had because of stitching.  It’s not just a hobby, it’s a whole community.

4)Also are you so passionate about cross stitch that if indeed your only option was the major chain craft stores, would that inspire you to create your own cross stitch pieces because you have to stitch and you’ve stitched your way through the whole of Dimensions catalog–because you must stitch and the thought of life without a relationship with the little X leaves you feeling empty?

This question is easy because I do design a little bit so the answer is yes I would continue to do so. 

5)Finally what do the cross stitch magazines on the market offer you? Do they relate to you as a cross stitcher? Do you look at them and think to yourself, who do they think buys this magazine? I guess what I’m asking, when you see the current cross stitch magazines do they make you feel like they know their readers or do you find it’s more of the same? What could they do to be ambassadors for the art of cross stitch other than putting a sampler on the cover with “F-U” on it? What are we missing on a PR level that could change the opinion of cross stitch itself?

I like some cross stitch magazines.  I get Just Cross Stitch, The Gift of Stitching, Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly and Cross Stitch & Needlework.  To be honest…  I get them get them for the patterns.  I don’t read any of the articles.  I especially like SANQ and Gift of Stitching because they cater to the advanced stitcher.  I sometimes see something I like in Just Cross Stitch or CS&N but I think in general their patterns tend to be too simplistic.  The CS&N sometimes carries Mirabilia designs which is why I like them.  I’m stitching Sunflower Fairy right now.  The ornament issues from Just Cross Stitch can’t be beat.  The magazine that I wish was still in publication is Fine Lines.  I love smalls and they always had the most gorgeous pieces.  I have all of those issues and won’t part with them.

6) And finally, finally, do you do other crafts and if so what are they and why do they pull you away from cross stitch?

Yes, I also quilt.  I’m a beginner at quilting though and although I love it, it takes a backseat to stitching.  I love the fabrics and it’s fun to use my sewing machine.


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