Floss Tosses and More!

I haven’t had a chance to update my blog since the weekend but lots is happening!

I DID finish my Saturday Sampler July quilt block in time.  This one gave me a headache.  I ended up messing up so badly that I had to replace 3 out of 4 of the fabrics from my stash.  I need to remember “measure twice, cut once”.  Duh!  I’m not totally thrilled with the outcome but at least it’s done.  The next block is way more intricate so I’d better give myself more time.

Saturday Sampler July Block Floral Colorway

Saturday Sampler July Block Floral Colorway

I LOVE how the Funky colorway is coming.  I need to start in on that one and get caught up.  The colors are way fun.  At this point I’m just collecting the packages and I’m keeping up with the Floral colorway.  I think Funky may be more me though.

Saturday was fun.  I went stitching at my local guild, Sampler Makers.  There are A LOT o really talented stitchers there so I like to bring something a little more on the intricate or difficult side.  The ladies are great but I’ll never bring a Lizzie Kate with me to work on…  LOL.  I have a piece that I’ve chosen to work on there and wanted to share a WIP picture.  I’m working on Flame & Queen Stitch Etui by Thistle Threads in the colors as charted (worked in Au Ver A Soie).

Flame and Queen Stitch Etui WIP

Flame and Queen Stitch Etui WIP

I’m working on the Queen Stitch side right now.  The other sid will go very quickly.  I’m almost done with the green frame then I get to fill in with the colors.  It actually is pretty cathartic when you work on it and you get into a rhythm.  I end up getting tense in the back though from hunching over my frame so I really can’t do it for hours on end.

This is what it will look like when it’s done.

Flame and Queen Stitch Etui Chart

Flame and Queen Stitch Etui Chart

Then I got my Valdani threads in the mail for Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy!  Yeah!!!  I like the feel of the 6 ply thread more than the 3 ply.  It has the same feel as Carrie’s Threads and comes in 10 yard hannks.  The colors are beautiful.  I did start it but here’s my floss toss.  I’m stitching this on Sassy’s Fabbys Hay Fields.

Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy Floss Toss

Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy Floss Toss

I think the fabric will be lovely.  This is going to be a quick stitch.  I already got a good deal of the sunflower done and I only stitched a little on it.  I need to finish it up quickly though so that it doesn’t add to the WIP pile.

More fun news!  My kit came for Judy O’Dell’s class, A Lady’s Cabinet.  This is a class I had been long awaiting and that I signed up for immediately.  The kit comes with all the finishing materials and the linen for the stitching.  It uses WDW 30 ct Parchment and it’s just beautiful.  I immediately sat down and did all the basting last night and put it on scroll rods.  It’s a BIG hunk of fabric!  I also pulled threads for the stitching.  Judy is offering an alternative design that will be more of a mosaic or a geometric rather than the deer.  I’m going to stitch the alternative design.  She said it will use the same colors so I pulled the DMC’s and did a conversion to Caron Soie Crystale and Belle Soie.  I already had these silks in my stash so it works out very well.  Check out the colors….

Silks for JAT A Lady's Cabinet - Soie Crystale Conversion

Silks for JAT A Lady's Cabinet - Soie Crystale Conversion

I can’t wait to start stitching it.  I probably would have started last night but I ran out of time.  The basting actually went very quickly.  It was A LOT of basting but it really wasn’t too bad and easily finished in an evening.



5 Responses

  1. I saw the Lady’s Cabinet on her website and was envious! I wish I had time right now to do it. I checked out your “some day I want this” list and now I have some more added to my list too!


  2. Those flosses are a real feast for the eyes! I can’t wait to see your start on A Lady’s Sewing Cabinet. And I love Queen Stitch Etui – your start is really nice. I’m not a fan of doing Queen Stitch, but I always love the results (and grumble while I’m doing it! LOL) And I really like the quilt block and the unusual fabric with the man. Very nice!!

  3. I could cheerfully kill to get in on the Cabinet class. Then I remember how much stash I have and the whole “murder is illegal”. Spoil sports.

    I like your start on the pin cushion. I think Thistle Threads is a greatly under appreciated designer. Her Memorial Photokeep is on my dream list.

  4. Your start is so pretty already! And your quilt block is lovely!

  5. Those fibers for the Sunflower Fairy look wonderful! I ordered them about a month ago from my not-so-LNS, but she kept telling me some of them were on backorder. I checked with Drema (Needlecraft Corner) and she had them all in stock, so the original order got canceled and mine are on the way from Drema now. :)

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