Halloween Fairy Finish!!!

I did it!  Tonight I put the beads on Mirabilia Halloween Fairy.  I LOVE how she came out!  I ended up not making any thread changes since JLee had two skeins of Dandelion Stem that were of the same dyelot (unlike my kit).  I stitched her on Dark Tan from Silkweaver.  Isn’t she pretty???  Doing this has made me want to work on another Mirabilia.  I plan to start the new Sunflower Fairy from the September 2009 Cross Stitch & Needlework soon.  I think I need another fairy fix.

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy - Finished!

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy - Finished!

So now it’s on to the next up in my rotation.  I pulled out Villages of Hawk Run Hollow.  I’m only part of the way through Block 1.  This is the starting picture for my rotation.

Villages of Hawk Run Hollow barely started

Villages of Hawk Run Hollow barely started

I’m stitching it using the HDF conversion.  Tonight I stitched the word “RIVER” and then came across a conversion issue.  I don’t like the conversion for DMC 924.  It’s too gray and too light.  I found the original NPI color in my stash so I’ll use that.  That took some time tonight to accomplish but I think I’ll continue with the HDF silks.  I can’t afford to rekit this in NPI and I think the HDF colors are beautiful.  I’ll just have to pay attention to the color usage as I go.  Not a major problem but it was a little frustrating.  But I guess that is the danger in stitching with a conversion, right?  I’ve seen a picture of this stitched in HDF silks and it was beautiful so I’ll keep going…  I hope I won’t be sorry.

6 Responses

  1. Halloween Fairy is beautiful! I love the beading along her wings.

  2. Halloween Fairy finished up beautifully. I just picked up Sunflower tonight…

  3. Congratulations on your finish!

  4. Beautiful finish! I need to pull my HF back out :)

  5. Lovely finish, congratulations!

  6. It’s gorgeous!

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