Some news… and going to try a timed rotation

Well first off…  some news…  Many of my friends know that I have been aspiring to publish my designs know about my toils and troubles.  I’ve come to the realization that my whole purpose of publishing was for the “cool factor”.  I had a distributor lined up who has been so supportive (she knows who she is and if she reads this…  thank you for everything).  I had several designs in the works.  Then the trouble started.  Stitching quickly became “work” and I found that I wasn’t stitching on things that I just felt like working on.  I wasn’t stitching on anything but my own designs.  Stitching became stressful which is the complete polar opposite to what it is supposed to do for me.  Stitching is my sanity and my escape from life’s troubles.  I have a ton (probably literally) of stash that is begging me to start.  I do have many ideas for designing but I underestimated the difference between designing what I wanted to design versus designing for a large market and all the work that goes with it.  So I made the decision to not design to sell.  Sure I’ll still design but it will be on my own time and for fun only.  This is what is right for me.  I know this is right for me because my rebellion was in stitching Yankee Poodle and it felt so GOOD.  I needed Yankee Poodle.  Now I need Mirabilia Halloween Fairy and she’s quickly coming to life and nearing the home stretch.  So that is my news.  I’ll be posting pictures of my Spooky gem cushion soon so that I can show off a little bit of what I did.

That all being said, I am realizing that I need some sort of a rotation.  I’m stitching a lot of new stuff right now and not finishing my WIPs.  I am still doing exchanges because I love them so I have to fit those in where I can.

I think I’m going to try a timed rotation at 10 hours per time slot. 

The rules:

  • I can fit in Exchange pieces at any point in order to meet my obligation deadlines.  I can also extend a slot if I’m close to being finished with something and I can wrap it up with a sprint.
  • I can work on my Judy O’Dell Lady’s Cabinet at any time
  • I will bring my traveling piece (currently Flame & Queen Stitch Etui) with me when I go to stitching gatherings

My rotation:

  1. Mirabilia Halloween Fairy (80% done)
  2. Villiages of Hawk Run Hollow (on Block 1)
  3. Celtic Wallace Sampler (just started)
  4. Betsy Stinner Love Is (50% done)
  5. Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts (10% done)
  6. Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket (60% done)

So let’s see what happens!


4 Responses

  1. I have so much respect for designers, especially those that stitch their own models. Like you, stitching is my sanity relief and I can’t imagine what it would be like if stitching were to become my “job”.

    Good luck on the rotation. Every time I try to set one up & stick to it, it never seems to last. LOL

  2. I do wish you luck. I’ve tried to do a rotation but I just can’t. I have a few UFOs but not that many because I tend to want to finish what I start and not do something else as well. But I really really wish you luck with it. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  3. A difficult decision, but when your hobby starts to not feel like fun anymore it’s time to re-evaluate. Good luck with the rotation, I’ve tried a few times but always seem to lack staying power.

  4. Sounds like you made the right decision for yourself about designing right now. Maybe it will work out for you in the future.

    Good luck with your rotation!

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