A New Start! Halloween Fairy!!

Hi everyone!  I haven’t been able to blog lately because work has been so busy.  Last week I ran a 3 day meeting called a Kaizen where basically I had to use “aggressive facilitation” to keep about 20 people with opinions on task for a deep dive process improvement effort.  Ugh.  I’m still exhausted.  But at least it went very well!

After the Kaizen was over I was ableto get back to stitching a little.  I decided to have a new start.  My friend JLee had started Mirabilia Halloween Fairy which got me enthused to start it myself.  I had to pick a different color for the wings though since the two skeins that were provided in the kit were from different dye lots.  I had read on the boards to watch out for this so at least I was prepared!

It’s going very quickly.  This is progress essentially from Friday and Saturday stitching…

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy WIP

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy WIP

I’m planning on stitching the day away today…  Ahhh….  doesn’t that sound lovely?  This morning I did the finishing on my Lizzie Kate exchange (can’t show a picture yet) and I decided that I needed a stitching day to get my batteries charged for the coming week.  I think I’ll keep working on her…  and I’ll post a progress picture!  Happy Stitching Everyone!!!

I had to edit my post…  I was getting all set to go into my stitching room for a day of stitching and I found this…

Zeke and Robyn in my stitching chair

Zeke and Robyn in my stitching chair

Apparently there aren’t enough chairs in my house to go around.  Little do Zeke and Robyn know but they are about to get booted because that’s MY stitching chair!  Notice that Zeke (back) doesn’t look too thrilled.  I’ve never seen him snuggling with any of the other cats.  I know that he was on the chair and Robyn decided to share it with him without asking.  Aren’t they cute?


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