Yankee Poodle Banner!

Yeah!!!  I did the finishing on Yankee Poodle last night.  I am REALLY pleased with how it came out.  My mitered corners aren’t bad and I think the technique really showed off the finishing fabric.  I LOVE how the fabrics worked with the design.  For the bellpull, I cut a dowel and added dowel caps.  Then I painted it red.  In all very cheap finishing!  Since I got the fabrics from my mom, the finishing probably ran me less than $5 total.  LOL…  gotta love that…

Anyway, here it is!

Yankee Poodle Banner

Yankee Poodle Banner


7 Responses

  1. Great finish Stacy, a very patriotic poodle!

  2. You have finished this beautifully…the fabric is a perfect fit to the design…congratulations :)

  3. Great finish! Gotta love budget jobs that don’t look like budget jobs.

  4. Love it…you finishing is lovely too!

  5. Great finishing – the mitred corners really show off the fabbie!

  6. I wandered over from the LK Exchange blog and love the finishing on this. The fabric is absolutely wonderful! Great job on the finish.

  7. Looks fabulous! Great job!

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