Happy 4th of July!!!

HAPPY 4th!!!

Today is starting out with a bang (sorry…  silly pun…)  I just got an email from Missy about a new Plum Street freebie.  I am SO excited!  They posted it on their blog:


It’s called “Yankee Poodle”.  I have never found a poodle chart that I like until this morning.  of course,I’m going to have to change the poodle to be brown.  This is a MUST STITCH for me and very soon.  I’m swamped in obligation stitching but this is next up when I get a chance to come up for air.  I already printed it out.  THANK YOU MISSY!!!

Yesterday was so much fun.  I had some of the ladies over to stitch.  Those in attendance were JLee, Larene, Marcia, Nancy, Cathy, Lisa, Joan and Joanne.  We really had so much fun.  I have a somewhat decent room for a stitching gathering.  I have a living room addition on the back of my house with skylights.  The weather wasn’t too sunny so the sky lights didn’t help much but it was so great having people over.

JLee brought over a recent finish that she is quite deservingly proud of!  She doesn’t have a blog (tsk, tsk….) so I took a picture and decided to post is on MY blog!  She finished L&L Morning Song on 40 ct.  Here’s a picture…

JLee's L&L Morning Song on 40ct

JLee's L&L Morning Song on 40ct

Didn’t she do a beautiful job?

I had to take pictures of Marmalade.  Marmalade is a social butterfly and he loves hanging out with us with I have people over.  He’s also a pushy little boy and seeks out any bag he can fnd for a nap.

For his first nap he chose Nancy’s bag…

Marmalade in Nancy's Bag

Marmalade in Nancy's Bag

That mess behind Marmie is Joey’s mess.  Those are all of his toys.  SPOILED POOCH! 

So then Marmalade got booted because Nancy had to actually get her project bag out of her stitching bag.  Can you believe the nerve of her to move the King?

So for his second nap, he chose Joan’s bag…

Marmalade in Joan's Bag

Marmalade in Joan's Bag

What the King Marmalade didn’t like was that Lisa made a nice nest for him and told him that he could sleep on top of the bag, not in it.  I tell you…  these people I have over.  LOL…  I’m glad Joan and Lisa are cat people.  Can you tell my friends are just as indulgent as I am?  Thank goodness for that.

So since Marmalade couldn’t sleep inside the bag he sought out a different spot.  Marcia had a basket with her since she brought fresh veggies for us to have as a snack.  It was really the perfect cat container.  So for the rest of the afternoon, the King slept in her basket.

Marmalade in Marcia's Basket

Marmalade in Marcia's Basket

He’s such a naughty boy…

So I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!  For the non-US-ers, I hope you have a great Saturday!  Today my mother is having a BBQ at her house.  Her fiance will make me a veggie burger on the grill since I’ll be the only vegetarian in attendance.  Joey will have to stay home though because my mother is babysitting a Greyhound by the name of Velma who has never seen a Poodle before and we don’t want to have to worry.  



4 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, Marmalade is absolutely adorable! What a great name, btw. And I’m in LOVE with Joey!!! Oh wow, I never gave much thought to one day owning a poodle, but I do believe that sweety has changed my mind!! What a great new collar, btw!


  2. LOL, Marmalade is such a hoot!

  3. Marmalade looks like my Leo, and acts like my Pixel! Pixel thinks he rules the household, including the other cats, and the collie dog Lad! Lovely stitching on your blog, and looks like you had a great time with your stitchy friends! Thanks for the Yankee Poodle link too!

  4. ROFLOL Your story and photos of pushy Marmalade sitting on everyones bag has me in stitches. Cats make life so much fun!

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