Do you like my title???  LOL…  Don’t worry…  it’s not the bad kind.

I just got back from my mother’s house.  She made Joey a new collar.  I am having a stitching gathering at my house today so I’m so excited about him being able to show off his new duds.  When I saw this fabric I just knew that Joey had to have it…  Glad my mother indulges me with Joey’s wardobe!

Here’s the new collar…  it has FROGS!!!!

Joey's New Frog Collar

Joey's New Frog Collar

Joey loves getting new clothes.  He gets so excited when I change his collar (which I do weekly…  he has an extensive wardrobe).  Here’s pictures of the lucky pup wearing his new outfit.

Joey wearing his new Frog Collar

Joey wearing his new Frog Collar

Another picture of Joey in his Frog Collar

Another picture of Joey in his Frog Collar

He really does seem to like having his picture taken!  And look…  you can still see his eyes!  My doggy hair styling is getting better.  It’s been about 3 weeks since I did a full groom on him.  Of course he gets brushed in between and I shave his face and feet when they start looking furry but that part is pretty quick.

Vacation has been pretty nice.  I’ve done some relaxing…  yesterday was mostly spent cleaning since the girls are coming over to stitch.  I also finally put together the second corner curio!  I’ve had the first one put together for forever but finally I have a matched set.  These are in my dining room.

New corner curio - for stitching pieces of course!

New corner curio - for stitching pieces of course!

Now I jut have to get busy finishing!  The curio looks kind of full but that’s because I have pieces that go with kits that I still need to stitch.  But isn’t it pretty?  Now I have two.

Otherwise I’ve been doing a lot of stitching but much of it has been on my own designs so not much to show.  I finished the stitching on the outside of the dragonfly threadkeeper but still need to do the inside.  I also designed a scissor case and fob to go with it.   The designing part is fun.  I started a third design that is based on a strawberry motif.  I designed a matching biscornu, needlecase, scissor case and fob.  I can’t wait to see it stitched.  I love bargello and incorporated a bit into it.

Not much else to report!  Looking forward to a great day of stitching with the girls….


3 Responses

  1. I think Joey is the best dressed dog in town. :) I’d love to see him in a pink color, I think it’d look cute with his coloring, he’s a manly dog – he can handle it. lol

    Love the curio cabinet.

    • LOL… I don’t think he’s all that manly. I can hear the comments now! Maybe I need a girl poodle down the road who I can dress up???

  2. Looks like Joey likes his new collar! Hope you had a great time at your stitching get together.

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