I’m on vacation!!!

Yeah!!!  I’m on vacation all week.  Of course I still have to dial in to a teleconference 8:00 Monday morning and I have to still check email occasionally…  Work has been really rough.  So many things are going on that I can’t completely unplug as much as I would like to.  I REALLY need time off because I’m starting to feel burnt out.  Not good.  But yeah!!!  I’m on vacation now anyway!

I have been working on some things that I can’t show pictures of yet.  I finished my HOE Christmas in July Exchange which is getting mailed out tomorrow morning.  I also finished a design of my own (YEAH!) and busy stitching another one of my designs.

But…  I thought I could share some pictures of gifts that I have given.

My mother’s birthday was June 19.  I decided to make her a tote bag.  This is made from charm squares from the Moda line called Portugal.  My mother loved her bag and she’s already used it!

Tote Bag made for my mother's birthday...  Moda Portugal fabric line

Tote Bag made for my mother's birthday... Moda Portugal fabric line

I also made a couple of needlebooks for friends.  Tawny & Larene both had birthdays.  I decided to use fun colors.  Here are their needlebooks…

Needlebooks for Tawny and Larene (fronts)

Needlebooks for Tawny and Larene (fronts)

Needlebooks for Tawny & Larene (backs)

Needlebooks for Tawny & Larene (backs)

I was actually very proud of myself.  I gave Tawny & Larene their presents while at Tawny’s shop, Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch, and I DIDN’T BUY A SINGLE THING.  That was big for me.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a stitching shop without actually buying something.  However, the next Loose Feathers design is coming out so I hope that I sell some needlework accessories!  Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers is on my exceptions list so fingers crossed!  Hey…  would anyone out there is cyber-land be interested in an ort bag, scissor case or needlebook?  LOL…  They are high quality!

So vacation is designated to stitching on my dragonfly threadkeeper design and posting on eBay.  Both are going well!  I have the back finished and part of the front of the dragonfly design and eBay has been smokin’.  Do ya think I’m stretched thin???  LOL….  story of my life….  Maybe I’ll go make up some needlework accessories though and see if I can sell them here on my blog.  I really, really want that new Loose Feathers design!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

3 Responses

  1. Nice tote bag! I love charm packs soverymuch. Have a good vacation, my dh is off next week too.

  2. Beautiful handmade gifts….nothing nicer. Well done!

  3. Your projects are just great! The bag is gorgeous–enjoy the vacay!!

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