Present for Elizabeth

I’ve had a lot of progress yesterday and today but I can’t show any pictures!  I finished the stitching on my HOE Christmas in July Exchange and I got halfway through the gold florentine on my dragonfly threadkeeper.  That will be design number 2 for me (I need 4) so odds are, I can’t show pictures until about September…  but I love the way it’s coming out.

Yesterday was really fun.  I love going to Samplermakers which is a local stitching guild near me.  We meet once a month and the good news is that I only have to drive 15 minutes!  The ladies there are all very advanced stitchers so I get to gawk at everything that they are working on.  One lady, Donna, has been a finishing-fiend lately and oh my goodness…  all the gorgeous class pieces.  There are also several ladies who are working on the Darleen O’Steen piece Celtic Wallace.  I have it barely started but it’s so incredible to see just how gorgeous it’s coming out. 

The other fun part about Samplermakers is that Elizabeth usually comes over to my house afterwards to stitch some more.  She has a long drive so we really make it worth while!  Plus, it’s an excuse to go to Lui’s for eggplant parm pizza (we are talking REAL authentic Italian pizza).  They have a casual dining room that looks over the small river.

Elizabeth is having a birthday on Monday.  I of course had to make her a gift.  I had already given her an Asian themed needlebook so I decided to make her some matching accessories.  I made them from coordinating fabrics.  I made a scissor case, ort bag and floss tag.

Birthday gift for Elizabeth

Birthday gift for Elizabeth

The floss tag was an experiment.  I quilted her initials onto the tag.  The grommet didn’t work quite right though.  Bummer on that.

So today I need to make a birthday present for my mom.  I want to make something (shhh…  secret) plus I told her that I would cut 2.5″ strips for her collars as the other part of her present.  If I have time I want to finish the gold florentine work and do the finishing on my exchange piece.


3 Responses

  1. Your birthday gift for Elizabeth is beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job on these and I’m sure she will love them. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your Guild and with your friend after. There is something about a guild meeting that will get you all primed for stitching, so it’s great that you could find some more time to enjoy stitching (and eating!).

  2. What a beautiful gift-you are really so talented!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog which has allowed me to find yours. You do beautiful work. I love the gift you have made for your friend. I also really love your Bourse.

    Happy stitching!

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