Obligation stitching… working on a plan…

All stitchers know that obligation stitching becomes our bain.  Well I’m in a situation where I have several exchanges coming up and I also need to get my own designs finished.  I’m really trying to get my own stuff into a publishable form over the next couple of months.  I think my exchanges have taken up all of my stitching time and now I really need to get in gear.

I decided that I needed a To Do list that I can keep track of and that was chunked down into small pieces of work.  It seems to work for me at my job so why not with my stitching!  For June and July I am only planning on working on my own designs and exchange pieces.  If I can keep to this list, I should have great success!  Please cheer me on…  this is very important to me….

Unfortunately I can’t show pictures of anything but I can still post progress!  I’ll go back and update this post as I go.  In the end I should have 4 designs complete and stitched and 3 exchanges off to their new homes!  Hey…  that will be 7 more finishes to my 100 project challenge!

I think I’ll be taking a week off from work in July….  I’m going to need it!!!

NOTE: Scrapping this list as of July 3 because I designed a strawberry themed set rather than a peacock…  that and the BBD Exchange isn’t due until mid September

  1. Finish prep and finishing on Spooky Gem Cushion – CELEBRATE DONE! 6/12/09
  2. Finish stitching on HOE Christmas in July Exchange DONE! 6/13/09
  3. Finish gold florentine on backside dragonfly threadkeeper DONE! 6/14/09
  4. Finishing for HOE Christmas in July exchange – YEAH! DONE! 6/16/09
  5. Finish backside and border of dragonfly threadkeeper DONE! 6/27/09
  6. First draft design for peacock etui & pick materials
  7. Front side stitching and beading for dragonfly threadkeeper
  8. Choose design for Blackbird Designs exchange and stitch for 2 hours
  9. Finish the inside design for dragonfly threadkeeper (almost done)
  10. Backstitch layout for outside and inside of dragonfly threadkeeper
  11. Stitch 2 hours on Blackbird Designs exchange
  12. Stitch inside design for the dragonfly threadkeeper
  13. Finish stitching Blackbird Designs exchange
  14. Do finishing on dragonfly threadkeeper – CELEBRATE (end of June Goal)
  15. Stitch 2 hours on Lizzie Kate exchange
  16. Stitch top of peacock etui and backstitch the finishing border
  17. Do the finishing on the Blackbird Designs exchange – YEAH!
  18. Stitch backside of peacock etui
  19. Stitch 2 hours on Lizzie Kate exchange
  20. Stitch inside of peacock etui and stitch matching scissor fob
  21. Finish stitching on Lizzie Kate exchange
  22. Do finishing on peacock etui – CELEBRATE
  23. Finalize design on dragonfly scissorcase
  24. Do finishing on Lizzie Kate exchange – YEAH!
  25. Modify design on dragonfly fob and stitch completely
  26. Stitch dragonfly scissor case
  27. Design dragonfly needlebook
  28. Do finishing on scissorcase and fob – CELEBRATE
  29. Stitch dragonfly needlebook
  30. Do finishing on dragonfly needlebook – CELEBRATE (end of July Goal)

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