Refocusing… setting a new personal challenge

I decided that I need to refocus a little.  My goal is to be out of debt by the time I’m 40 (with the exception of my mortgage) so I need to be a little (a lot) more frugal with my spending on stash.  That’s really where I fall down.  I’ve decided to try to set some goals and rules to help me.

As a part of this.  I’m going to restart the 100 project challenge from The Wagon BB.  I fell off the wagon quickly last time.  Hopefully I can dig deep and find some fortitude!  I do recognize that complete abstinence from buying probably isn’t possible so I’m allowing some exceptions for myself to help me get through…

My stitching exceptions:

  1. JCS Subscription
  2. Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly
  3. Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers
  4. Just Nan Over the Top Tin series (already committed)
  5. Classes (on-line and in person – but keep it moderate)
  6. Stash bought with money from selling quilted needlework accessories
  7. Materials needed to complete works in progress or bought for models of my own designs

I also need to rein in my quilting expenses….  I don’t know really how to structure my quilting challenge but will give it a shot.

Quilting rules:

  1. No more buying fabric unless it’s for borders, backing or binding on a quilt in my stash
  2. Only buy 1 quilt kit every 6 months
  3. Saturday Sampler blocks
  4. Block of the Month packages that I’m already committed to

I think I can do this!  I have to try anyway!  I’m going to restart the numbering on my finishes and my gallery to reflect my new committment.


4 Responses

  1. Good luck! I’m sure you can do it!

  2. Good luck, and remember even if you fall off you can always start again as soon as you walk out of the store (real world or on line).

  3. Your quilting is gorgeous. Those goals sound great—just make sure to budget for your hobby, which is sounds like you have done. I treat myself to ebay purchases sometimes. I have gotten great, brand new patterns for as low as .99 – $3 or so. I don’t feel so bad when I do that. Good luck in your goal-that’s a great one to have! I’m 42 and am also currently trying to clear all my debt!

  4. Good luck! I’ll be cheering you on over on The Wagon and Rotation Stitchers.

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