It’s been a great start to a long weekend!

What a great start to a long weekend!

It all started out with a baby bunny sighting…  yes, sounds boring but there is a story.  A couple of weeks ago I was mowing the yard.  I was about to mow over a tall patch of grass where some tulips had pushed up and WHOOSH out ran a scared little baby bunny.  It nearly gave me a heart attack!  So I kept mowing and as I came around the side of my raised planter, WHOOSH out it came again.  So at this point I have nearly run over the same poor little baby rabbit twice.  This time it ran into the road and was so scared that it just laid still right in the middle.  I think my neighbors thought I was crazy because I was out in the middle of the road trying to herd the scared little thing out of the street.  I had to get within touching distance of it to get it to run.  Finally it ran across the street into my neighbor’s yard.  I had figured that it probably died of fright.  For about a week, this little baby rabbit was on my mind….  So this morning I saw that my cats were watching out the window, very interested in something.  Lo and behold, it was a baby bunny.  I know for a fact that this is the same little rabbit becaue it has the same little white dot in the middle of its forehead.  So I decided to name him Jinx.  Jinx the bunny has apparently survived his scrape with the lawn mower and has come back home to my yard.  Here’s a picture I took through the screen door.

Jinx, the baby bunny who lives in my yard

Jinx, the baby bunny who lives in my yard

I figured the bunny sighting is good luck!

After that, Joey and I went on a walk with my mother, her boyfriend and all the dogs.  In all there were 4 Greyhounds, 1 Golden Retriever and 1 Standard Poodle.  We were quite the sight!  When I got home there was something wonderful in my mailbox…  My HOE Just Nan Exchange arrived from Deanne!  Deanne lives in St. John’s Newfoundland.  She stitched me a GORGEOUS stocking from the 1999 JCS Ornament issue.  Her stitching and finishing is exquisite.  Here’s a picture…

HOE Just Nan Exchange from Deanne

HOE Just Nan Exchange from Deanne

Deanne really spoiled me.  She sent along tons of goodies!  She sent me a Fat Quarter of Silkweaver Treasure Trove Lugana, a skein of variegated DMC floss, a roll of bright flower grosgrain ribbon, a packet of great notecards and a really wonderful magnetic notepad.

HOE Just Nan Exchange from Deanne - Goodies Galore!

HOE Just Nan Exchange from Deanne - Goodies Galore!

This morning I also did finished the last bits of the finishing on my Blackbird Designs Exchange but I can’t show a picture just yet!

Then my mother and I went to Kindred Quilts for their sale.  I love that shop.  My mother was interested in getting some fat quarters for her collars.  While we were there I fell in love with a quilt kit which I got for 30% off!  It was actually a prior Block of the Month.  It’s a scrappy quilt and I just loved the fun colors.  The kit came with all the fabric to make all the squares.  It’s called Trifles and Truffles.  Here’s a picture of the entire quilt.  Can you believe all those fun fabrics???

Quilt Kit: Trifles and Truffles

Quilt Kit: Trifles and Truffles

Here’s a closeup of the front of the design pack.  Mine will look a little different because the fabrics are not the same, but you can get the general idea.

Trifles and Truffles Design Pack

Trifles and Truffles Design Pack

Isn’t it gorgeous???

After the quilt shop I went to go stitch with my friends.  Didn’t I tell you it was a great day?  We rent a community room once a month and it’s such a great time getting caught up with everyone.

Denise had an order in for the new Gingher Criss scissors.  She ordered a pair for me as well.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Almost like Blue Delft.

Gingher Criss Scissors

Gingher Criss Scissors

I collect scissors and have a wonderful collection of Ginghers.  Criss settled in immediately!

I also got a little stashing in.   I got the new Cat’s Whiskers frogging chart from Sue K.  I also gt a great hunk of fabric from JLee.  “Hunk” is a unit of measure that has been coined by JLee.  I’m not sure exactly how much a hunk is but I think this qualifies.  This is a piece of Zweigart that I’m going to be stitching the Lizzie Kate Boo club on…  won’t it be perfect???

Stash!  Cat's Whiskers chart and a hunk of purple fabric for LK Boo series

Stash! Cat's Whiskers chart and a hunk of purple fabric for LK Boo series

What a great day…. I spent the afternoon working on my TTE Floss Tag exchange.  Can’t post a picture but it’s going to be CUTE!


3 Responses

  1. Wow, sounds like a fabulous day, Stacy!! Hope the rest of your weekend is just as nice!

  2. Sounds like you had a marvelous day. The exchange piece is absolutely adorable. And I’m envious of all your stash. You’re going to have a lot of keep you busy the rest of the weekend!

  3. Hi Stacy, thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments on my latest finish. Oh that poor little bunny, it must have been so scared but glad it found it’s way back to your garden. You mentioned a Golden Retriever in one of your posts – is that your dog? I have a Golden Labrador who I just adore and is sitting right here with me as I write. Beautiful dogs. Love those Ginghers, I have just won some on EBay and waiting for them to arrive.


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