Citrus Collar for Joey!

I wish it was a 3 day weekend…  I woke up so tired but yet so enthused to stitch and quilt this morning!  Yesterday at Sampler Makers I worked on my Spooky design.  I got A LOT done.  While I was there I saw another lady’s WIP for the Wallace Sampler.  I was so inspired that I had to start mine last night.  It has double reverse backstitch for all of the section borders.  I’m quite pleased that I learned how to stitch in hand with a sewing method because it’s cutting the time for that part in half.  I started it late so I only got the border done across the top and part way down the side.  It’s the counting that is really tough (not to mention seeing on 40 ct….  I am using Dirty Linen which is the same color as the silk…  ugh)

I took pictures of collars yesterday for my mother and I am SO excited about Joey’s new collar.  She made him a citrus collar from the Moda line by Sandy Gervais called Fresh Squeezed.  Joey needs a haircut badly and snice I just Frontlined him I can’t bathe him just yet so I’m only going to show you a picture of the collar.  Next week I’ll take Joey pictures after I groom him but trust me…  this is stunning on a brown Standard Poodle!

Joey's new citrus collar

Joey's new citrus collar

Here’s another picture…  isn’t it GORGEOUS???

Another shot of Joey's new collar

Another shot of Joey's new collar

So I think today I’m going to stitch some on my Spooky design, keep going on the Wallace borders and maybe work on my mystery quilt!  For the mystery quilt I have all the cutting done for Part 2.  I need to piece a bunch of half square triangles and need to do the sew and flip method on a bunch of other pieces.  I’ll make sure I post pictures!  I’m having so much fun with it…

I had to add this picture!  I was coming around the corner and saw the cutest photo opportunity!  Robyn, Kirby and Little Al were all sleeping in the same bed together.  I love how my cats get along.  They really consider each other a family.

Robyn (tabby), Kirby (black & white) and Little Al (gray)

Robyn (tabby), Kirby (black & white) and Little Al (gray)

I don’t think I’ve introduced these guys.  Robyn and Kirby are technically my sister’s cats.  I started taking care of them about 1.5 years ago when my sister moved in with my mother.  While living at my mom’s, she adopted a greyhound who was supposedly cat safe but now we think he only tested cat safe because he was injured at the time of rescue.  Kirby and Robyn are basically mine now and I love them very much.  They are both extremely affectionate.  Besides, Robyn is Marmalade’s girl!  Little Al (who I call Alfred because he ain’t so little anymore!) came to me as a kitten to foster.  He’s mostly blind because he was so sick when he was rescued as a tiny kitten.  He can see out of half of one eye, otherwise they are fogged over.  Al is “my kitten” since he’s the baby of the group.  He, like all my other cats, is very, very loving and has the cutest little purr.


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