Good Morning! Happy Saturday!

Yeah!  It’s the weekend!!!  Of course Joey won’t let me sleep past 6 am anymore…  For some reason he has trained his bladder so that he just HAS to pee that early.  Thanks puppy!

I’m very hapy to say that last night I put the last stitches into my Blackbird Designs exchange!  Of course I can’t post pictures yet but it is cute.  Now I just have to finish it and send it off!  I have my TTE Floss Tag exchange about 20% done so that needs to get completed as well.  I love exchanging but I also realize that I haven’t really done any other stitching yet this year.

Today is Sampler Makers!!!  I still have to decide what to bring to stitch.  I think maybe one of my own designs because I desperately need to get them stitched.  Hmmm… Dragonfly or Spooky?  Maybe Spooky because I’m closer to a finish on that one and you can actually see what it’s going to look like.

This morning I’m going over to my mother’s to take pictures of collars for her.  I’m so excited because she said that she made Joey a collar from Sandy Gervais Fresh Squeezed line.  It’s so cute…  red-orange background with orange, lime and lemon slices on it.  PERFECT for my dog!  I’ll post a picture later…

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