Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!  I’m a 4-legged mother only but I think that this holiday is for us 4-legged mothers too!  So far none of the crew have given me any gifts or even a card…  LOL…  but I did get a sloppy poodle kiss and lots of purrs and head-butts…

I haven’t had a chance to blog lately because I’ve been updating my blog’s design.  What do you guys think?  Do you like it?  I put the evil twins in my header.  Well they aren’t exactly evil, naughty though!  I also added a new page for some of the stash that I have for sale and I added pictures of all of my finishes in my Finishes Gallery!  I showed the link to my mother who promptly got on my case about now framing anything.  The Toccata 2 is hanging inmy living room and the Heirloom Anniversary Sampler is hanging in my grandparents’ house but other than that I haven’t framed anything!  It’s really because it’s so expensive.  I guess that’s why I like smalls so much.  However, I have a whole huge stack of finished things in a drawer.  A while back I bought some frames that are the right size and I actually know how to frame.  I just need to get glass for my pieces.  I guess that little detail is what is holding me back.

Yesterday I went stitching at my favorite LNS, Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch.  They are working on their website.  The new one isn’t ready yet but stay tuned!  I love going there partly because it’s an awesome shop but also partly because I made a good friend with the shop owner, Tawny.  It all started when I gave her advice about how to bring a stray kitten into her household.  I knew then that she was a good person.  Now I get wonderful updates on how Tyke is doing and it’s obvious that he has made his way into a wonderful home (and firmly has Tawny and her daughter wrapped around his little paw).  I always say thta you can tell the character of a person by the way they are with their animals.  This is very true with Tawny.  She’s an honest person with a huge heart.  Stitching yesterday was fun.  I did behave myself and only bought a couple of things and I only used money that I earned from selling needlework accessories.

This is the stash I bought:

This is the stash that I bought on May 9 at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch

This is the stash that I bought on May 9 at Where Victoria's Angels Stitch

I get all of the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers pieces and I love the R&R fabric that they come with.  I know it’s a little stiff but I like stitching on something different every so often.  I also got the new BB Designs April Stocking…  one of thesedays I need to stitch all these adorable stockings… and the new Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly.  The SANQ has an adorable nursery design that I love.  It’s a sampler for the verse “Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat where have you been?”  I’d like to stitch it but I’m going to switch it to Belle Soie instead of DMC.  The last thig I got was a ball of DMC #12.  I needed it for construction of my Spooky design!

We also celebrated Susan’s birthday.  Under penalty of death I swore not to post the picture of her with her cake on my blog…  so here’s just the cake.

Susan's Cake

Susan's Cake

I think she will kill me if I say which birthday this was!  LOL…  Susan is a sweetheart and definately one of my favorite people that I get to see when I go to Tawny’s.

Once I got home I continued to help my mom.  She makes AMAZING dog collars.  It’s her creative outlet and I convinced her last year that she needs to sell them.  Over the last several days I’ve been getting her set up with an eBay store and her own blog.  There’s nothing on the blog (yet) but the link is: http://www.collardelights.com/  Keep an eye on it!  I’m actually pretty impressed with myself that I got the domain pointed the right way.  Then in the evening I brought my photo stuff over to my mother’s to take pictures of the collars for sale.  Here’s just one collar that she’s selling…

One of mom's gorgeous martingale dog collars

One of mom's gorgeous martingale dog collars

I had a tough time picking which collar to show you guys since I took pictures of 45 of them last night!  My mother makes these collars specifically for Greyhounds.  Lucky for me, they work REALLY well on Standard Poodles!  Mom keeps Joey in high fashion.  Actually her workmanship is really incredible.  She uses only top quality materials and her hardware is real nickel or brass.  The lining is silk.  Now I know where I got my love of textiles…  it’s genetic!  Now we just have to get these babies up on eBay!

Edited to add…  Yeah!!!  Got them all up on eBay!!!  Here’s a link to her store:


My mother gave me a fat quarter and gave me an assignment to cut out the fabric on the bias for a dog collar for Joey.  It’s going to look stunning on him.  Here’s the fabric pre-collar…

Fabric for Joey's new collar

Fabric for Joey's new collar

I can’t wait to show you all what it will look like post-creation.  I think she’s going to line it in a turquoise silk.  Do I have a lucky dog or what???  One thing is for sure…  I have a talented mother.

So today I know my mother, sister and I will be going to breakfast and later on I’ll help my mom cut some fabrics and my sister is going to make dinner.  Sounds like a great plan!  I already broke down and gave my mom her Mother’s Day present.  I couldn’t wait.  I don’t have a picture.  Duh!  But I made her a set of quilted hot pads.  I used heat reflective material inside and quilted the pads with a meandering quilt pattern.  I also gave her an Omnigrip ruler that is 2.5″ x 18″.  I have one and love it!  She had eyed this one at Budding Star when we went there on lunch one day and mentioned that she’d like to have it for Mother’s Day.

Have a great day everyone!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Looks like you picked up some great stash. I really want to visit that shop the next time I’m in NY (probably November). I’ve heard a lot about it! And hope that you had a Happy Mother’s Day and your 4 legged friends pampered you (as best as they can, of course).

  2. Lucky dog you have to get a mom-made collar! My dog (a rough collie) would have such a nice collar wasted on him half the year because his mane is so thick! He’s about to get shorn like a sheep for the summer…too hot in NC for that wool coat he wears!
    When he’s shorn he looks like a funky hound dog, not a proper collie at all!

  3. Wow, tell your mom she’s awesome! Love those collars! Great stash–I really need that Loose Feathers! I think your blog layout looks great–header is adorable!

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