Lots of Quilting today…

It was a great day for quilting today!

I decided that I needed to work on my Sampler Quilt.  I’m making a Sampler Quilt using a template method with Heritage for a Cause Moda fabrics.  I love the colors…  browns and blues.   I started this quilt as a part of a Basics class that I took.  I finished up two in progress blocks.  I thought I should share all of my blocks so far…

Here are blocks that I already had finished…

So today I finished up this block.  I already had all the sewing done but had to finish the hand applique.
And I also finished this block.  I had some of it sewn together but not much.  There were so many pieces!
After that I decided to start my mystery quilt.  If you remember I bought those beautiful blue and gold Asian fabrics to do a quilt mystery….  I finally started it.  There are 6 parts to the mystery.  I finished Part 1 today and started the cutting for Part 2.  Although it doesn’t look like much, this is Part 1 complete… it’s basically two sewn panels.  I cut them into 38 strips during Part 2.
Then one more surprise… I went over to my mother’s house.  She has a vintage Singer that she wanted help on to post onto eBay.  It was an extra machine since she uses her Singer 301A to make her dog collars.  This is a machine that she got from a friend of hers and she couldn’t really use it.  It took ages trying to figure out the model number but it turns out it’s a Singer 99-31.  During our research we found out that it’s actually a great machine for free motion quilting.  Well my mother isn’t a quilter, BUT I AM.  We also found out that the Singer 99 series don’t go for much on eBay, partly because they are so heavy and because you can quickly lower the feed dogs.  The price that they were going for meant that she may not even break even by selling it.  So she offered it to me!  I don’t care if it’s heavy because I don’t need it to be portable and since I use my own Singer 301A for pieceing, I would only be using this one for free motion quilting.  That way I can get a plate to cover the feed dogs or I can take them out all together.  On top of that the machine is GORGEOUS.  Here’s a picture of my *new* Singer!
The older machines are really the best if you ask me.  Mine is a workhorse and can sew through anything.  This one will also be great.  They just don’t make them like they used to!  I would take a vintage machine over a new one any day of the week.  Isn’t my new machine pretty???

6 Responses

  1. Love your quilt blocks, something I’d love to try myself but there no classes anywhere near here. Love the Singer too, so much prettier than the white plastic look of the new machines.

  2. You’d be surprised what you can learn from a book even. This was taught out of “The New Sampler Quilt” by Diana Leone. Thanks for the comment on my new machine! My main machine is a little younger than this one but still was built in the late 1950’s. It’s amazing. In class, I had the only machine that never had any problems while the Jenome’s and Bernina’s all had issues at one point or another. There’s were new and expensive… mine is an antique!


  3. Vintage Singers rock.

    Love the those blue & tan fabrics soverymuch.

  4. I love your Singer machine. I have always wanted one of those just because I heard that they are real workhorses. And I love your quilt blocks too – especially the blue and brown ones!

  5. Just beautiful! I can’t wait to see the reveal of what you’re working on!

  6. Hi Stacy! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your old “blacktop” Singer! My mom still uses her Featherweight blacktop and one day it will be mine. It’s easily 60 years old and still running! I have a modern Singer now, but miss using the old blacktop sometimes. The quilt shop where I first took quilting lessons uses the blacktops for beginner classes to this day. Happy stitching!

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