Saturday Sampler and April Goal Report

Good morning!  I’m about to get ready to go to Saturday Sampler at my local Quilt Shop (Kindred Quilts in Clinton NJ) and wanted to share a picture of my completed April block!  I also want to do a report on my goals….

Here’s my block for April in the floral colorway.  My sewing and pieceing skills are really dramtically improving.  I’m very please with my seam alignment and my quarter inch seam allowance is right on.  This is nearly a perfect 12.5″ square!  Yeah!  I’m especially proud of that since there is a lot of sewing on the bias.  Sewing and pressing on the bias tends to distort the fabric.

Saturday Sampler April Block - Floral Colorway

Saturday Sampler April Block - Floral Colorway

I also wanted to report on my April Goals.  I didn’t do terribly but I didn’t get enough done either.  Work has been VERY busy!  That’s a good thing though in this economy so I’m not complaining.

Obligation Stitching: 

  • Complete finishing & mail HOE Woodland Exchange –  DONE and mailed!!!  :)
  • Complete stitching on HOE Just Nan Exchange  – DONE and finished  :)
  • Start stitching on Blackbird Designs Exchange – started the stitching!  About 50% done  :)
  • Start stitching on TTE Floss Tag Exchange – started the stitching!  About 20% done  :)


  • Saturday Sampler April Block (floral) – Yeah!!!  DONE  :)
  • Sew 10 needlework accessories – Yup!  I also sold a bunch at Tawny’s shop  :)
  • Finish one sampler block for my bed quilt (applique block: ~80% done & garden path: ~40% done) – No…  didn’t touch it….  :(


  • Make good progress on Mother’s Day gifts for my grandmothers and mother – Didn’t even start…  may be getting store bought this year!!!  :(
  • Stitcher b-day gifts (shhhh…)  – YUP!  Cathy, Marcia and JLee ALL received quilted needlework accessories!  I also made something special for Paula.  :)
  • Piece second side of tote for Donna (one side pieced so far) – Didn’t even touch it….  :(

Stitching for Me:

  • Part 1 Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts (~40% done) – I stitched on this but now I’m only about 50% done with Page 1  :(
  • Start JAT Flowers for Jo- decided to hold off on this for this month
  • Start Needle’s Prayse Wallace SAL – Didn’t start…  but I did at least kit it up!  :)
  • All stitching on smalls for Sherri Jones Garden Long Pocket (~50% done) – Didn’t touch it…  :(
  • Work on Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket – did 1 motif over the over-1 part this month :)
  • Finish the stitching on my Dragonfly Threadkeeper – I restarted this with new threads so I have a lot to stitch but at least I finalized the colors!  :)

So let’s see…  May goals.  I know I need to really focus on my own designs so I think my priorities should be stitching my designs and stitching exchanges.


  • Complete stitching, finishing and mail Blackbird Designs Exchange Round 1
  • Complete stitching, finishing and mail TTE Floss Tag Exchange
  • Mail HOE Just Nan Exchange (wow…  easy goal…  LOL…  it’s already stitched and finished!)
  • Start stitching on HOE Christmas in July Exchange


  • Finish stitching on Dragonfly Threadkeeper
  • Finish stitching and do finishing on my Halloween design
  • Sketch out Christmas design

Other Stitching

  • Finish Page 1 on RM Quakers & Quilts
  • Start Needle’s Prayse Wallace
  • Put 10 lengths of floss into Mirabilia Autumn Queen (a VERY old WIP)
  • Work on Sherri Jones Ring of Roses Reticule with Elizabeth, hopefully finish the hedebo knot rings for the miser bag

Sewing & Quilting

  • Complete Saturday Sampler May Quilt Block in floral colorway
  • Sew something small for Mother’s Day gifts (thinking maybe hotpads or something…)
  • Finish Donna’s tote bag.  Donna takes care of my dog everyday and she really deserves a nice gift
  • Make 10 quilted needlework accessories

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