Good Fortune Class and Pet Pics

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I went to my Good Fortune class with Ann Petit from Brightneedle.  It was excellent.  I love the piece and admitted in front of everyone that I was a “Brightneedle Groupie”  LOL…  seriously though…  Ann’s teaching pieces are spectacular.

This is a scan from her cover so you can see what the piece looks like.  It includes a Sweet Bag, Fob, Pin Keep and Ruler Sleeve.

Brightneedle Good Fortune Class Piece - Scan of model pictures

Brightneedle Good Fortune Class Piece - Scan of model pictures

Of course everything was even more gorgeous in person.  The kit even included a little wooden ruler.  Way too cute.  The piece is stitched in HDF silks, which I like.  I was really hating the new hang tags that Vikki uses though so I spent a good amount of time wrangling the silks.  I cut them to equal lengths and putting them on the floss card (later realizing that I needed to use them for cording…  guess I’m going to be making a purchase on Vikki’s site!)

Here’s a picture of the contents.  I was SO excited when I saw the dragonfly fabric that is used for the lining.  Those who know me know that dragonflies hold a certain significance for me.

Brightneedle Good Fortune Kit Contents

Brightneedle Good Fortune Kit Contents

I also spent way too much in the shop (Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch) but that seems to happen whenever I go to Tawny’s.  I was really excited that I got to pick up my Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers pattern (Peacocks are my other favorite motif).  I decided to get the fabric that the pattern called for when I saw it in person.  Tawny had received a really nice hunk of the fabric.  Luckily my quilted needlework accessories were selling well so that offset the purchase substantially.

What is a weekend without pet pictures???  Well this weekend I’ve decided to share a couple of cute photos of my cats, Purrfect and Zack.  They were lounging at the top of my 8 ft tall cat tree when I took these pictures.

Purrfect (gray) and Zack (orange) up in my 8 ft tall cat tree

Purrfect (gray) and Zack (orange) up in my 8 ft tall cat tree

Closeup picture of Purrfect - quite the photogenic fellow!

Closeup picture of Purrfect - quite the photogenic fellow!

You’ll notice something different and Purrfect (known as “Purr” for short) if you look closely at the top picture.  He has no back feet.  Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  Don’t feel too bad for him though…  remember that he IS at the top of an 8 ft tall cat tree!  I certainly didn’t help him up there.  He’s quite mobile even if he does look like a little funny when he runs.  He’s actually quite fast and he has amazing upper body strength.

Purr’s story…  Purrfect is a VERY lucky boy.  His mother who was very feral, was trapped by local animal control.  I was supposed to care for her while she had her kittens (so that we could tame and place the kittens and spay and release her to her colony & caretaker).  Well the little girl was apparently extremely pregnant because she had her kittens just 2 days after being trapped and before she could be transported to my house (she had them instead at the ACO’s house).  The kittens would have died if she was outside when she had them.  They were all wrapped up in the umbilical cord and she didn’t know how to care for them.  The animal control officers (ACO’s) took the kittens to the vet to get them detangled.  There were 4 kittens.  Two of them had umbilical hernias from the ordeal, one was normal and the fourth…  well that little guy apparently had the cord wrapped around his hind feet while in the womb because they had during his development been severed (and healed).  The ACO’s did not want him euthanized and said that “Stacy would find a home for him”.  The kittens grew well and I took the litter to foster when thy were 8 weeks old.  The mother was spayed and she returned to her colony.  Well Betty & Gary (the ACO’s) kept saying to me about Purrfect “You’re going to keep him right”.  LOL…  well I did.  I named him Purrfect, because he is.  He was the spunkiest kitten in the litter and his handicap has never slowed him down.  I even bought him a low sided litter box when he was a kitten but he decided that he’d rather use the high sided ones like the other cats.  Purr doesn’t know he’s different and from the picture above, you can tell that he’s a well adjusted, healthy, happy boy.  (the only things he can’t do are jump up higher than a foot and scratch his itches…)

Another picture of Purrfect

Another picture of Purrfect

Most of my cats have learned how to sit up and beg for a treat.  Purr is no exception.  He can’t stay in that position for longer than a second or two, but he doesn’t like to be left out!  I wanted to share his story because it’s a happy one and it proves that we tend to make more of an animal’s handicap than they do.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


4 Responses

  1. What beautiful cats! Thanks for sharing Purr’s story, it’s absolute amazing how animals can adapt.

  2. What amazing kitties you have! Your care and love for them clearly shows what a kind-hearted person you are.

    It looks like you have a lovely project to work on!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the class. Can’t wait to see your progress on these pieces. I hear that there is another one in November that I’m going to try to get to. I usually visit NY in November, so I’m going to try to get to the next class (or at least visit WVAS).

  4. That bag (really the whole set) is to die for!

    Love your kitty stories. Dh loves them too. (he’s such a soft touch)

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