Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

It’s a beautiful day here in Northern NJ…  well except for the cold and the wind!  At least the sun is out…

Yesterday turned out wonderfully.  After Sampler Makers, Marcia, Cathy and Mary came over to my house for some more stitching.  It was Marcia’s birthday so we had to make the day special for her!  Cathy picked up a cake and we ordered pizza from my local pizzaria.  I think I have the best pizza in the Northeast…  fantastic!

I have one rule at my house…  well two…  first is that you have to at least be able to tolerate animals…  and the second is that welcome never wears out!  I love having stitchers over especially and I can’t think of a nicer way to spend the day then company stitching.  Mary and Cathy left sometime after dinner and Marcia and I moved upstairs to stitch where it was a little warmer.  Time flies when you’re having fun because the next thing I knew it was nearly midnight!  It was a great day and I think we were able to make a special friend feel special.

After all of my plans though I ended up working on Catherine Theron’s Quaker Scissor Pocket.  I took the class last year at Celebrations and I’ve done quite a bit of it.  Yesterday I started the over-1 Quaker motif section.

Here’s a picture of my WIP:

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket WIP

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket WIP

Close-up of over 1 section, this is what I stitched on April 11

Close-up of over 1 section, this is what I stitched on April 11

This is what the completed piece will look like:

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Stock Photo of Model

Catherine Theron Quaker Scissor Pocket - Stock Photo of Model

I really don’t have that much more stitching left so I think I may need to update my goals and try to get this one finished sooner rather than later…

So this morning I walked into the kitchen and a photo opportunity screamed at me from the kitchen counter….  (I know…  I shouldn’t let my cats up there but they do it to escape Joey and I’m a big softie…)

This is Marmalade and Zack…  (Marmalade is on the right, Zack is on the left)

Marmalade and Zack, Easter morning, enjoying the sunshine

Marmalade and Zack, Easter morning, enjoying the sunshine

Another cute picture of Marmalade and Zack

Another cute picture of Marmalade and Zack

I’ve talked about Marmalade on my blog before.  He’s the naughty boy who thinks the world revolves around him (it does!)  He’s a total momma’s boy and has me wrapped around his little paw.  I don’t think I’ve talked about Zack though.

Zack is my last cat that I adopted.  No more room at the inn!  He was actually a foster cat of mine and lived with me for 18 months.  I had to get out of fostering because I was getting anxiety issues from it and the cats were literally taking over my life.  Over the years, I fostered over 200 cats and kittens and I just burned out.  Well Zack was my very last foster left.  When he came to me he was a shy, semi-feral adolescent who came from the local kill shelter.  Over time he decided that I was okay but he remained scared of other people.  I took him to adoption events every weekend but he would only hide in the back of the cage.  At home he bonded with me.  He loves his belly rubbed and will lay flat on his back until I come give him belly-nuggies.  He also gives kisses and will wrap his paws around my wrist and kiss my hand.  Even though I already had quite a few cats, I decided that he needed to stay with me.  I no longer have a room dedicated to foster cats so Zack has full access to the house.  He bonded with my other permanent cats and he’s turned into a wonderful pet.  The only downside is now I have both a Zack and a Zeke.  That can get quite confusing!  (By the way…  in case you’re wondering how many…  there are nine cats in total…  all wonderful, loved, happy and healthy…  Every life should have nine cats!…  and a poodle)

Did I ever talk about Marmalade’s story?  Marmalade was found by animal contol as a very tiny, very sick kitten,  He had ulcer’s in his mouth from calicivirus and was infested with lice.  He stayed at the vet’s for quite some time.  The techs would carry him around in their pocket!  He came to me at 9 weeks old.  He was still being treated for a severe ear infection.  At the time, I had to separate him from the other foster kittens so I would let him out in the main house to play.  Well he’s a stubborn boy who always wants his way.  He decided that I was going to adopt him.  I didn’t have a chance…  he never left.  I always wanted an orange cat and my heart was firmly filled with a scrawny little kitten named Marmalade…  that was almost 4 years ago.  He’s my heart-cat.  I love all my babies but Marmalade and I have a special bond.

Happy Easter everyone!  I know my plans include doing some sewing and stitching and spending the evening with my mother and sister.  I hope everyone enjoys loved ones today!


3 Responses

  1. See? this is why I don’t foster. I am as big of a softie as you are. And after we had 3 cats we found out ds is allergic. *sigh* Thankfully a super duper air cleaner in his room and 2+ years of allergy shots, he’s doing great now – but no more cats while ds is still at home.

  2. Those are the most adorable piccies of your cats. You have a very big heart. As for cats on the bench….it can be washed! Lestat is a spoilt rotten indoor cat who has been known to hop up on the kitchen bench….I just wipe them down before using….

  3. What a nice story to read. And that is why I don’t foster too. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and that is heaps. The second dog we took “only” in until she would be trained enough to be housed safely elsewhere. She got mistreated and was biting…and didn’t like kids. Errmm…she is still here. She now is a well behaved girl which plays with our nieces. But still has her panik attacks.

    Do I see that correctly btw…and your 2 cats are grinning from the bench down to the poodle?

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