Oh the best laid plans….

Why am I NOT surprised that I didn’t finish my list yesterday?

Actually I was very busy and got a ton done in the catch-up-in-the-house department.  First of all…  SCORE ONE FOR THE INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!!!  I fixed my washing machine all by myself.  Yes!  You read that correctly!  I have a 4 year old Whirlpool Calypso that stopped working a couple of weeks ago.  The water wouldn’t spin out.  I’ve been hauling my wash over to my mother’s house while I got up the guts to try home appliance repair.  Yesterday I decided to try since I really, really didn’t want to have to lug my wash over to my mom’s.  I found out on the Internet that my machine has been nicknamed the Collapse-o.  Nice.  Anyway, I did some research on-line and found out that it was likely that my pump was clogged.  I found a schematic of the washer and someone in a fix-it forum described how to perform the surgery on the machine.  I literally had to tip the washer on its back and get into its guts.  I did it!!!!  It took a couple of hours because I really struggled with the hose clamps (I don’t have a lot of hand strength).  But, I am now on my fourth load of wash!!!  YIPPEE!!!!

Other than the major home appliance repair, I did manage to do my eBay payouts (I sell stash on consignment), take down the Christmas lights, move the parts to the gossip bench upstairs, vaccuum downstairs and take Joey on a very long walk.

I also managed to make stitcher gifts for Marcia and Cathy’s birthdays.  Marcia’s birthday is today and I’ll be seeing her a little later at the Sampler Makers guild meeting  I missed Cathy’s birthday all together so this is a belated gift.  I’m posting pictures because I don’t think I am running the risk of them reading my blog in the next couple of hours.

I made them both scissor cases.  These are made from Moda fabric from the Swanky line…

Scissor Cases for Cathy & Marcia

Scissor Cases for Cathy & Marcia

The cases are really useful since the points of your scissors won’t go through the bottom and they won’t get messed up with everyday usage.  It took a while to perfect the size but these will easily hold 4″ Gingher scissors.

Actually while I’m on the topic of Needlework Accessories….  I wanted to share pictures of a needlebook that I made for Elizabeth a few weeks back.  It was a just for fun gift.  Elizabeth spent many years in the Far East and her townhouse has an Asian flavor to much of the decor.  When I saw these fabrics I thought of her and decided to make her something.

Elizabeth's Needlebook (front)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (front)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (back)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (back)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (inside front)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (inside front)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (inside back)

Elizabeth's Needlebook (inside back)

Well…  I guess I’d better go and finish cleaning the house!  More to come later…


6 Responses

  1. The needlebook and scissor cases all came out really well!!

  2. Wow – YGG girl with fixing your washing machine yourself. I can’t even imagine. It must be one of those front loading machines I take it. I have one and I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop on it. I hear that some of them have so many problems. But how great that you managed to fix it yourself.
    BTW, just came across your blog this morning from Legacy (and in fact made a little purchase from you – LOL). Love your scissor and needlecases too! Beautiful finishing and beautiful fabrics!

    • It’s a top loader…. but there is an agitator plate instead of an agitator. I chose it because it’s easier on the clothes…. I am SO proud of myself for fixing it though! I was so nervous about the whole thing. It was scary from the point of trying to disconnect it from the wall… So far so good! I have clean laundry. Yeah!!!!

  3. Great job on the scissor cases & needlebook, they all look wonderful.

    And YAY! Stacy!! Proud of you for fixing that washer!

  4. *GASP!* I love your needle book! OMG! The fabrics are absolutely awesome! Your sewing skills are amazing. Did I mention I love the fabrics? :)

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