Thinking about April goals

I just added a new sidebar to my blog for April goals.  The trouble is…  it’s aleady April 9 and my goal list is LONG…..

April Goals:

Obligation Stitching:

  • Complete finishing & mail HOE Woodland Exchange
  • Complete stitching on HOE Just Nan Exchange (~40% done)
  • Start stitching on Blackbird Designs Exchange (design selected)


  • Saturday Sampler April Block (floral)
  • Sew 10 needlework accessories
  • Finish one sampler block for my bed quilt (applique block, ~80% done & garden path, ~40% done)


  • Mother’s Day gifts for both grandmothers
  • Cut out & organize materials for Mother’s Day gift for mom
  • Stitcher b-day gifts (shhhh…)
  • Tote for Donna (one side pieced so far)

Stitching for Me:

  • Part 1 Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts (~40% done)
  • Start JAT Flowers for Jo
  • Keep working on Ring of Roses with Elizabeth
  • Start Needle’s Prayse Wallace SAL
  • All stitching on smalls for Sherri Jones Garden Long Pocket (~50% done)

I must be crazy!  So let’s see…  it’s all about priorities and what to do first….

I’m planning on taking tomorrow off from work.  It’s still going to be a busy day.  I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  I need to clean my house (stitchers coming over on Saturday after the Sampler Makers Guild meeting).  And I was hoping to get some eBay auctions up and do some odd stuff around the house.  New plan….  do eBay payouts, put up eBay auctions for the ribbons my mom gave me to sell and  limit “odd stuff around the house” to taking down my Christmas lights (I know…. blush) and bringing the pieces of my gossip bench upstairs.  Then I can use the rest of my time on my goal list!

Goal list plan for this weekend (including Friday):


  1. Sew gift for Marcia and belated gift for Cathy
  2. Make 2 bead rolls and 3 scissorcases to send to Tawny
  3. Finish sewing pre-ordered bead roll
  4. Do finishing on HOE Woodland Exchange (will be a quilted stitcher’s wallet / etui)
  5. If time before bed…  put in a couple of needle fulls into HOE Just Nan exchange (it’s about 40% done right now)


  1. At Sampler Makers, work on Garden Long Pocket
  2. At home when stitcher’s are over, work on HOE Just Nan Exchange (potential finish)

Sunday: most of the day will be spent with my mother & sister since it’s Easter

  1. Pick threads for JAT Flowers for Jo
  2. Work on RM Quakers & Quilts
  3. Piece second side of Donna’s Tote

Then next week I can work on JLee’s birthday present, finish Donna’s tote, start Mother’s Day gifts and potentially start Flowers for Jo.

LOL….  let’s see how these actually pan out!!!!  Friday will be a stretch since I want to see my DBF in the evening for a bit.  At least I know Joey won’t let me sleep late! 

I’ll post pictures of everything as I go except for gifts not yet given and exchange items.  Those pictures will have to wait!

If all these April goals work out…  it will put me in a position focus on May goals (minimum…  very doable):

  1. Finish Mother’s Day gifts
  2. Finish & mail HOE Just Nan Exchange
  3. Finish & mail Blackbird Designs Exchange for Round 1
  4. Finish & mail TTE Floss Tag Exchange
  5. May Block (floral) for Saturday Sampler quilt

Additional May Goals:

  1. Finish two in progress blocks for sampler quilt for my bed (peony block & drunkard’s path)
  2. Catch up on Saturday Sampler blocks for Funky colorway
  3. Cut out and plan Elizabeth’s B-day present (June B-Day)
  4. Cut out and plan Mom’s B-day present (June B-Day)
  5. Finish Betsy Stinner “Love Is”
  6. Work on RM Quakers & Quilts, target Section 2
  7. Do half of the stitching on JAT Flowers for Jo (plan for June finish)
  8. Work on NP Wallace, work towards catching up on SAL
  9. Complete & do finishing on SJ Ring of Roses miser bag with Elizabeth
  10. Start main section of SJ Garden Long Pocket (plan for July finish)

Do you think I’ve gone LIST CRAZY????  Perhaps….


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