Ok… I need suggestions here…

I’m totally itching to start one of Judy O’Dell’s new designs.  I have both Tapestry in Cross Stitch and Flowers for Jo in my stash and Judy is sending me the finishing kits.  Judy told me that she has a new design coming out soon.  I think it will be a forum exclusive on-line class and she knows that I won’t want to miss it…  also, for forum readers, she offers “finishing credits”.  If you are a forum contributor and you stitch and finish (and post pictures) of one of her designs, you actually get a monetary (substantial) credit for a future purchase….

So the trouble is that I have a ton of things going.  The exchanges aren’t a big deal.  I have the stitching done on the HOE Woodlands Exchange and about 20% done already on the Just Nan piece.  Last night I worked on Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts.  It’s basically a newer start for me and I love it.  I’m stitching it on Dirty Linen with the suggested Valdani fibers.

Here’s my WIP (I literally stitched half last night…. very fast stitch) but I’m only on part 1 of 10.  It’s a large piece.

Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts WIP (on page 1)

Rosewood Manor Quakers & Quilts WIP (on page 1)

This is my Betsy Stinner WIP.  I haven’t picked it up since M’Lady’s Weekend last November when she taught the class.  I did A LOT of it that weekend.  It’s a pretty quick stitch as far as samplers go.

Betsy Stinner "Love Is" WIP (Class Piece)

Betsy Stinner "Love Is" WIP (Class Piece)

This is what the piece will look like when it’s done.  You can see that I have the whole middle section done.  I just need to do the two side borders.  I’m easily half finished…

"Love Is" Class Piece by Betsy Stinner

"Love Is" Class Piece by Betsy Stinner

So here are the pieces I want to start….  these are the model pictures from the front of the charts (Judy’s stock photos).

Here’s Flowers for Jo (I’m going to change the fibers to Belle Soie from my stash and use her suggested fabric, also in my stash):

JAT Flowers for Jo (model picture) - I want to start this so badly!

JAT Flowers for Jo (model picture) - I want to start this so badly!

Here’s Tapestry in Cross Stitch (I’m going to use the suggested fibers and fabric…  all from my stash):

JAT Tapestry in Cross Stitch (model) - I want to start this too!!!

JAT Tapestry in Cross Stitch (model) - I want to start this too!!!

So what do I do??????

I can keep working on my focus WIPs (see sidebar) including Quakers & Quilts and Love Is or I can start one of these pieces in an effort to try to get it stitched and finished in time for a finishing credit with Judy in order to potentially get the chart for the new piece just about for free.  And if I go that route do I pick Flowers for Jo or Tapestry in Cross Stitch?????

Please leave a comment with your suggestion…  I need HELP!!!!!!  Ack!!!!


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  1. I love both of those designs from Judy :-) Firstly, is there a time limit for claiming your finishing credit with Judy? If not, then I would probably finish Love Is and then move on to one of Judy’s (Flowers for Jo would be my choice), you’ll still get the credit for your finish and the newer design for a reduced price, whenever you finish it. Love Is is so pretty, it’s a shame not to finish it first ;-).

    • I kind of agree with you… Love Is shouldn’t take long. The finishing credits don’t expire but if I want to use one of Judy’s designs as a finishing credit for her new upcoming class, but…. I would have to have it totally finished before I pay for the new class. I know I could use the credit at a later time but it’s kind of cool thinking that I got the chart for nearly free! In fact, I bought Tapestry in Cross Stitch with finishing credits from the Sampler Needlecasket! How cool is that?

  2. Jo’s Flowers, because that’s the one I want for myself the most. :)

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