Looking forward to a great day!

Oh…  it is beautiful outside….

Yesterday Joey and I spent A LOT of time together.  After I groomed him (which meant a couple of hours of him on the grooming table), I decided to reward him by taking him on a new trail that I saw yesterday from the road.  Well he got into burrs really badly so we go to spend more quality time at home with him back on the grooming table for about an hour while I combed hundreds of tiny burrs our of his ankle pom-poms and while I detatched his ear from his collar (basically velcroed together with burrs).  This is when I’m so thankful that he’s such a sweet boy who has a high tolerance for being handled and fussed with.

This morning we went with my mother and her Greyhounds back to the trail but we went a different direction to avoid the burr patch.  It’s actually petty nice.  It’s an old railroad bed that been converted to a trail.  It goes for miles and runs along the Pequest River.

Here’s a picture of Joey enjoying the fresh air!  I’m very pleased with the grooming job.  My best yet.  I did more shaping on his top knot and I realized that his anklets were too high so I had to fix the lines.  Grooming poodles is a real art form!  (not to mention back breaking….)

Joey hiking at Pequest

Joey hiking at Pequest

Isn’t he the most handsome poodlely boy you’ve ever seen?  I really do adore my curly boy….

Today will continue to be a great day.  My friend Elizabeth is going to come over to visit.  We both took Sherri Jones’s Ring of Roses class.  We are working on constructing the miser bag.  This is one of those projects where you need moral support when you do it to keep you going.  We are working with 13 feet of silk at a time in parts.  Basically, we lock outselves in my loft (away from naughty paws and claws) so that we can work on this project without fear of being messed up by the 4 legged species.  This is a hard project because the silk snags if you look at it funny and there is really no way to frog…  It’s a nightmare but it’s going to be GORGEOUS.  This will be the second time that we are getting together to work on this bag.  Here’s an in progress picture.  This is one half of one side of the bag complete.

WIP: Sherri Jones Ring of Roses Miser Pocket

WIP: Sherri Jones Ring of Roses Miser Pocket

So more news…  last night I finished the stitching on my HOE Woodlands Exchange.  I just have to do the finishing but I think I have that all planned.  Can’t show a picture yet!  I also started stitching on the HOE Just Nan exchange.  I’m really, really excited about what I picked.  Usually I wait to find out who my partner is before I pick a design but this will be perfect for anyone….  (can’t show a picture of that yet either!!!)

Have a great Sunday!!!!


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  1. Joey is a handsome devil! Your miser bag is amazing. So neat!

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