Good morning!

I’m SO happy it’s the weekend!  I needed a Saturday like nobody’s business….

I only have time for a quick blog because I have to get to Saturday Sampler at Kindred Quilts and then today is Joey’s grooming day!  I bathed and dried him last night.  I tried added something called “Stuff” to his coat when it was wet.  It’s basically a silicone spray on detangler I thik but I’m hoping that it helps the clippers go through his coat.

First of all, I’m VERY excited.  I got a chance to join the new Blackbird Designs Exchange.  It’s a new exchange group (no goodie exchange… ) where you stitch a part of a blackbird design and finish it into a small.  I’m totally hooked on exchanges lately.  They are really so much fun!  So my stitching deadline is May 31.  That’s good because I have other exchange deadlines too.  I’m almost done with the stitching on the HOE Woodland Exchange piece so it’s really not a ton.

Today is Saturday Sampler!  This is fun, fun activity.  Kindred Quilts (my favorite quilt shop which is located in Clinton, NJ) has been doing Saturday Sampler for years.  I’m new at quilting so this is a great opportunity for me.  Basically it’s a 12 month block of the month but the way it works is you pick your colorway and pay $6 for the fabric for the first month.  Then if you bring your completed block the next month you get that block free!  So basically if you keep up, you can do 12 blocks for $6.  I decided recently to do a second colorway so I’ll have to pay $6/month for the second one.

This year they are doing a basket quilt.  Here are Quilt Blocks….  (we’ve finished the first 2 months)

Saturday Sampler 2009 at Kindred Quilts

Saturday Sampler 2009 at Kindred Quilts

 I had picked Floral as my first colorway and then decided to add Funky….  I am caught up on Floral but haven’t started Funky yet.

Here’s my February Block (Floral):

 Saturday Sampler February Block (Floral)

Saturday Sampler February Block (Floral)

Here’s my March block that I will be bringing with me this morning:

Saturday Sampler March Block (Floral)

Saturday Sampler March Block (Floral)

Aren’t they pretty?  Funky is looking REALLY fun…  here are the fabrics…  The blues are for February and the purples are for the March block:

Saturday Sampler February & March materials (Funky)

Saturday Sampler February & March materials (Funky)

Well…  gotta run!  I have to go get my April block materials!  (and then I have to groom curly-Joe when I get back….)


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  1. Very nice job! Your points look nice and sharp. :)

    I wish my LQS would do a BOM like this. Oh wait no I don’t I have 3 BOM unstarted right now. lol

    I adore that funky color way, get working on it! I need to see some pictures.

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