Time for a quick blog…. exchange updates!

I’m having so much fun with these exchanges.  I just finished the biscornu exchange from Tiny Treasures.  It really was a lot of fun!

This is the biscornu that I received…  I believe April sent this to me.  I admit I can’t read the name on the note but I’m trying to track down the mystery!  Here are pictures of both sides.  It’s quite lovely!  I believe she used an overdyed silk for the stitching.  It’s already sitting in my curio!  (Mystery solved!  It was April!)

Biscornu stitched by April:



For the exchange, I stitched for Gillie.  I knew by reading her blog that she loved to garden, so I decided to stitch her something with a flower garden theme.  I chose the Spring & Summer Biscornu from GPA & MTV Designs (collaboration).  I finished it with a gathered silk ribbon edging.  This was my first biscornu finish ever and I am really pleased how it came out!

Here’s the Spring face…


And here’s the Summer face…


Even though this was a no-goodie or one-goodie exchange, I decided to include a couple of extras for Gillie.  I made a quilted scissor case for her as well as a thread card.  I have started to sell my handmade quilted needlework accessories at Where Victoria’s Angels Stitch.  This scissorcase is one of my prototypes…


For the thread card, I glued hand-dyed wool onto the card then by using my darning foot on my machine I freehand quilted the shape of a flower onto the wool.  The thread card is actually a scrapbooking tag made of cardstock that I punched holes in.  I got the idea from Sherri Jones and I decided that it makes a great extra goodie in an exchange!  Also, I have a set of Vikki Clayton tags from her old silk set.  Each tag includes a half yard of her silk.  So I just pick pretty coordinating colors to add to the tag.  Then POOF!  Pretty goodie…  Feel free to steal the idea!  (especially if you are stitching for me in an exchange!!!!  LOL….)  Here’s a closer picture…


Work has been CRAZY lately and it hasn’t allowed much time for anything else.  I need to post more….  but it will have to wait!  Stay tuned….


How I did the edging on my biscornu….. 

I got a couple of questions in my comments about the ribbon edging.  First I want to say that this isn’t my technique…  I have to give credit where credit is due.   I learned this from Judy O’Dell .  In my opinion she is the Queen of Finishing.  I’ve stitched several of her designs.  In fact, you can find pictures of my Sampler Needlecasket in an earlier post (around the beginning of January).  You’ll see that the edging is the same.  That’s where I learned how to do this.

Ribbon gathering is really gorgeous but it is REALLY easy.  I’ve never tried ruching and I probably won’t since I can do this instead.  All you do is tack down your ribbon then take your needle and weave it onto the ribbon, maybe 5 stitches or so, keeping the stitches short.  Then you make a stitch in the fabric near your tack down stitch and pull.  The ribbon automatically gathers and looks great.  You just continue that all the way around whatever you are finishing.

Please consider going to Judy’s website.  You’ll love her designs.  They all look so hard to finish but they aren’t.  Not only is she the queen of finishing but she is also the Queen of Finishing Directions!  You will be amazed how your finishing skills will advance by following her step by step directions.  She always writes so clearly and she takes tons of pictures.  Not to mention she is a really great person on top of it!  If you are hesitant, I would suggest trying her Accordian Needlebook that you can buy through her.  I’ve stitched it and it was my first design of hers that I finished.  It’s a quick stitch and you will be amazed at how easy the finishing is.  (No affiliation by the way….)


3 Responses

  1. Your biscornu turned out so well, Stacy! How did you do the edging?

  2. Clever girl! That thread card is wonderful. Please feel flattered when I steal that idea.

    Rusching on your biscornu? I tried that once – failed. So I’m extra super impressed with yours.

    • Oh no…. this isn’t ruching… this is ribbon gathering and it’s SO easy. I learned the technique from Judy O’Dell. I’ll update the post to explain it…..

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