Winter Quaker Exchange!

Oh my, these exchanges are too much fun….  I can’t post a picture yet as to what I stitched for the exchange but I can sure post a picture of what I GOT!  Ths was for the HOE Winter Quaker Exchange.  I received a wonderful package from Ina, all the way from Holland today!  She sent me a really beautiful pinkeep.

Here’s the front… (Ina’s finishing is just beautiful…)


And here’s the back…  isn’t this fabric gorgeous?  (I’ve become a fabric junkie since I started quilting…)


Ina was very generous with the goodies.  She sent a wonderful Dutch craft magazine, a great set of craft scissors and a magnetic pad that is already hanging on my fridge!  She must have read my mind the other day when I was thinking that I really needed a pair of craft scissors.

Here’s a picture!


The magazine is pretty cool!  Of course I can’t understand any of what is written but you don’t need to read Dutch to read charts!  There is one design that is a MUST STITCH for me.  Thos e who know me, know how much I LOVE peacocks.  This magazine has an awesome design for an album cover (or whatever you’d like to turn it into) with overdyed threads and PEACOCKS!  Yeah!  I can’t tell what kind of threads they call for though…  the color names are 168 Rainforest and 170 Arabian Night.  If anyone knows what brands these are, can you tell me?  Otherwise I’ll just change the colors.  Anyway, here’s a scan of this gorgeous design…  it’s so me!


More blogging later!  I need SLEEP.  Work has been crazy lately and I was so tired today that I accidentally put oregano in my mac n’ cheese instead of pepper!  It was….  interesting.

2 Responses

  1. I saw this over on the HOE blog first, I love that blue backing fabric too. It is stunning.

    And the threads are Caron Waterlilies.

    • Thanks! I was wondering if they were Waterlillies but I wasn’t sure.

      Ina did a beautiful job! I just hope my exchange partner likes what I stitched as much as I love what Ina stitched…


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