Catching up on my blogging…

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I blogged…  Life has been crazy to say the least….

So much to blog about…..

Williamsburg Report:

This past week I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for Gathering of Embroiderers.  Oh my goodness!  It was amazing.  I went with my very good friend Elizabeth.  We were only there for a few days but I’m so happy we got to go.  Stitching retreats are the most wonderful types of vacations.  I was stressing about going because of the money and because I’ve had my plate full at work.  I am SO happy I got to go.  Elizabeth is a very special friend and I treasure time that I get to spend with my friends like her. 

I took 3 classes from Sherri Jones.  I had missed the chance last year to take her Lucet class so when I saw she was teaching it in Williamsburg, I HAD to go.  Elizabeth had already taken this class so she took the other 2 classes that Sherri offered.  When I sent in my registration back in November I was somewhat excited about the other two classes but as usual, when you see the piece in the person, they blow away any pictures you might have seen.  All 3 pieces are AMAZING.  Sherri is one of my favorite teachers.  So in the end I am just as in love with the “Garden Variety Long Pocket” and “Ring of Roses ” as I am in love with “Lucet Passementerie and Silk Purse”.

The first class I took was the Long Pocket.  The model was GORGEOUS.  Over the few days while I was there, I managed to finish the top of the pincushion.  It *looked* easy to do.  LOL….  Most of it wasn’t too bad but Sherri threw in something called a Peruvian Loop Stitch.  The stitch diagram made it look like  cake walk but as soon as we heard that it wasn’t a counted stitch and we realized that tension was everything, “easy” went out the window.  Here’s my pincushion top:

 Pin Cushion Front from Sherri Jones Long Pocket Class

Here’ s a picture of the pin cushion top with the threads….  Sherri gave us those beautiful floss cards.  She said thta she got simple scrapbook cardstock pieces and punched holes in the them.  Genius!!!!


Her classes are always wonderful.  When she teaches, she actually gives us a piece of muslin and lets us mock up the finishing.  This is the front of the kit so you can see what the long pocket will look like when it’s done.  (This WILL get done.  I’m too in love with it to let it sit for long).  Isn’t it going to be stunning?


Sherri Jones "A Garden Variety Long Pocket" Class Piece

Sherri Jones "A Garden Variety Long Pocket" Class Piece

My second class was “Ring of Roses Reticle and Smalls”.  Sherri always gives us the history of the piece we are working on.  This piece is something called a Miser Purse.  Apparently, this design was created in order to deter pick pockets.  The two bars that go through the purse top and the ring around the middle make it easy for the owner to get into the purse but difficult for a pock pocket to do so.  Sherri has a large collection of antique miser purses.  I found that part of the lecture to be so interesting.

The purse is created by knotting hedebo buttonhole stitches on rings.  We will be making these rings using Soie Perlee.  I finished the fob while in class and attached it to a small pair of gold etui scissors that I have.  It immediately went into the curio…  everything goes behind glass when you live with 9 feline hooligans… I am having a little bit of nerves with this piece because she have to work with VERY long lengths of silk.  My hands are dry from the Winter and long lengths of everything have Marmalade-Bad-Kitty written all over them.  Elizabeth and I will probably get together one weekend soon and lock ourselves in my loft so that we can work on this away from the gang (she has her own gang of naughty felines).

Here’s my fob!


Completed fob from Sherri Jones "Ring of Roses" Class Piece

Completed fob from Sherri Jones "Ring of Roses" Class Piece

In case you’d like to drool over the kit contents…


Ring of Roses Kit Contents

Ring of Roses Kit Contents

Here’s the front of the kit so that you can see what this will eventually look like when it’s finished!


Sherri Jones "Ring of Roses" Class Piece

Sherri Jones "Ring of Roses" Class Piece

The Lucet class was the last class I took.  Well worth the wait!  We found out that the lucet was used to creating beautiful braid that was appliqued to purses, clothing, etc.  Apparently, the reinactor people have caught on to the Lucet too because there were people that literally made a living creating braids on the lucet.  Sherri taught us how to make a square braid, a flat braid and to embellish with beads and inlays.  It wasn’t easy at first but soon got to be fluid and very fun.  I nearly wet my pants though when Sherri whipped out a lucet the size of a tennis racket in order to teach us!  Too funny…  This is a great skill because now I can use these braids in place of cording on smalls and other things.

Here’s a picture of the front of the kit and the contents.  Yummy….  Sherri used *MY* colors!  LOL…  I love taupes with turquoise…  I also too a close up picture so you can see just how gorgeous this silk purse will be…


Sherri Jones "Lucet Passementerie & Silk Purse" Class Piece

Sherri Jones "Lucet Passementerie & Silk Purse" Class Piece

Lucet Close-up...  Feel free to drool...

Lucet Close-up... Feel free to drool...

Other Fun Things I’ve Finished

I participated in my first exchange with Hooked on Exchanging.  I already posted about the beautiful piece I received but I wanted to share what I stitched.  This was fora Lizzie Kate Exchange.  I stitched Winter Wishes on a beautiful hand-dyed opalenscent fabric from Silkweaver that looked like sky.  I decided to try to finish it into a tray.  This was the first time I tried this finishing technique and I was very pleased with the outcome.  I chose a fabric with snowflakes.


Lizzie Kate Exchange (HOE) for Sally S

Lizzie Kate Exchange (HOE) for Sally S

I have also been learning how to quilt!  I’m very new to it but learning fast.  I am taking classes at Kindred Quilts in Clinton, NJ. I posted their link on my blog because Toby (the shop owner) is just so sweet and her shop is wonderful.

Here’s a block that I made in the Basics 1 class.  It’s Jacob’s Ladder.  I’ve made quite a few blocks but this is one of my first one.  The quilt will be a sampler quilt and I’d like to be able to put in on my bed.


Jacob's Ladder Quilt Square using Heritage for a Cause by Moda

Jacob's Ladder Quilt Square using Heritage for a Cause by Moda

This is something fun I decided to try…  I made this pincushion with Moda fabrics from their Tranquility line.  I made it up, no pattern.  I used wool felt for the top of the tomato and attached them with a clumb of colonial knots.  The feather stitches and the colonial knots are done in silk perle from Vikki Clayton.  The pins are from Butterfly Couture.




Pet Updates….

Well I have to say that as much as I LOVE that Joey doesn’t shed, the grooming cost is really a big  to the pocketbook.  I’ve had people tell me that since I already do “the hard part” I should do the whole dog.  I’ve been shaving his face and feet since he was a small puppy.  So this time I decided to take the plunge and try to groom the “whole dog”!  Well, first of all, blow drying his fur is like DRYING A SHEEP.  Seriously.  I already had a Master Blaster so that meant that it took about an hour to dry him…  I did that the night before and did the haircut the next day.  I know that’s not ideal but since it was my first time, I knew I’d be pushing Joey’s patience.  Joey was wonderful.  He let’s me handle and do anything I want to him without a fuss.  In fact, I don’t even use a grooming noose on the table and I can tell him “Stay” and walk away to get something.

To prep for this adventure, I read the International Grooming Reference for Poodles.  Poodle grooming is an art and I had no expectations of perfection.  I’m a process management and improvement expert, not a dog groomer…

Here’s Joey BEFORE his haircut….

Joey BEFORE I gave him a haircut...  little shaggy!!!!

Joey BEFORE I gave him a haircut... little shaggy!!!!

Here’s Joey AFTER his haircut!  I kept him in a Miami cut… I think I must be a glutton for punishment…

Joey AFTER I gave him a haircut - my first full groom by myself ever!

Joey AFTER I gave him a haircut - my first full groom by myself ever!

I love the look of the pom-poms on his ankles.  Jury is still out as to whether or not I decide to keep them…

I also wanted to share a picture I took of Zeke.  Zeke is my BIG-BOY-KITTY.  He’s about 16 pounds, trim, not fat.  I’ve had him since he was a kitten although he has never been small…  Zeke loves to get on my exposed beam in the addition.

Zeke on my exposed beam in the addition

Zeke on my exposed beam in the addition

Zeke-y is a real sweetie.  He has a tough guy look to him but he is a MAJOR mama’s boy and lap cat.  Zeke “co-starred” with Marmalade in the Arm & Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter commercial that aired a while back (the litter that turns blue when wet).  If you remember the big gray tabby (with the gorgeous green eyes) sitting next to the box of litter…  that was Zeke. 

Well I think that’s about it for now!


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  1. Stacy,

    Joey looks FABulous! I love the haircut…. excellent job. Just another job/hobby you can add to your repertoire. (… in your spare time, huh?)

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