Major Finish!

I completed my final December goal!  I finished all of the finishing for my JAT Sampler Needlecasket (designer: Judy O’Dell).  This was my project for New Years Eve and New Years Day.  The hours of work were all worth it.  I think this is the best finishing I’ve done yet.

I started the stitching on this piece in January of last year (2008), completing the finishing in December.  it was quite a big project!

I stitched this on Forest Haven Belfast Linen from Silkweaver with HDF Silks (Imperialosity, Magpie Warbles, Rum Cherry, Dried Roses, Pressed Petals).  Judy supplied the finishing materials and instructions.  Her instructions (as usual) were excellent!   They were specific with lots of great pictures.  The finishing wasn’t really very hard, it was just a lot of work.

Here is a picture of all of the pieces together.  The set includes the main Needlecasket which is entirely constructed by hand.  I used acid free cardboard as the base and all of the stitching is mounted over cotton batting.  All sides, including the bottom, are stitched.  The inside is fully lined.  The lid nests snuggly into the box…  my measurements were good!  It fits great!  The underside of the lid is lined in cotton and features woven ribbon, secured at each intersection with a bead.  The whole casket sits on top of wooden beads, wrapped in ribbon.  The accessories to the casket include a Needle Roll, Emory Sachet and Bolster-Style Pincushion.  I’m so proud of this finish!


2 Responses

  1. Wow, and wow again! It’s gorgeous. Congrats on the finish, what a great way to start the new year :-).

  2. Stacy,

    It’s all beautiful! And your finishing is gorgeous! Chalk up another finish for 2009 doing that happy dance. What’s next?

    ….Happy New Year!

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